CBHS Parent Newsflash 9-9-19
CBHS Parent Newsflash 9-9-19

Headline News
The 2019-20 School Year is off to a great start. I will once again be sending out weekly newsflashes to parents. 
The 9th Grade are launching a new expedition tomorrow centered on the Wabanaki. 
This Thursday is our annual open house. Meet your child's teachers and get an overview of the year and how you can be of support: 6:30-8:30pm (7 to 8:30pm for returning students). 
We will be having our first Parent Advisory Group meeting of the school year a week from Tuesday, 9/17 from 5:30-7pm. All are welcome! 
Freshmen and Senior Parents: Please turn in forms and money for Quest. Seniors head off next week (17th-20th) - and the freshmen the following week (24th-27th)
Do you get your groceries at Hannaford's? Then there's an easy way you can make $ for CBHS every time you shop without paying an extra cent? See the attached for details. 
Select Student Announcements

Cabinet Needs You! Last year, Cabinet doubled in size. Another student proposal also led us to changing all terms to one year terms (except when a junior is elected as a chairperson). So we need 10 NEW MEMBERS. Share your voice. Share your leadership. Sign up to be a Cabinet member by this Thursday at 2:30pm on the Sign-up Board. Elections will be next Monday 9/16 in crew. All 10-12 candidates will need to submit a 100 word candidate statement to Mr Pierce by Sunday, 9/15.  Meetings are typically on Fridays, 2:45-3:45. Cabinet will consist of 2 representatives per class (10-12), elected at the start of each school year.  Two freshmen representatives will be chosen at random out of a pool of interested students in the fall. Two additional representatives will be chosen at random (and from any grade) in the fall from a pool of students interested in serving. Cabinet members will be visiting 9th grade TST’s today to provide more info. 

Are you curious about Exceeds Reading for Grades 9 and 10? Come and find out more, have fun and expand your horizons! Grade 10 will meet this Tuesday, during Academic Support in Cuba. Grade 9 will meet this Thursday during Academic Support in Cuba. Join us and try it out!  

Help fuel the look and photos of the CBHS Instagram and Facebook accounts. Are you a good and reliable photographer? See Mr. Pierce. We are looking for 2 CBHS Insta photographers per grade level to chronicle school and grade level events. 

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to audition for Little Shop of Horrors.  The audition monologues and forms are now printed out and are located near the signup forms so please pick them up next week. And there’s still time to sign up to audition!  If you have any questions please email the director Lisa Boucher Hartman at See you later this week. 

Colleges are coming! Please check out the college board outside Mr. Shibles’ office to see when colleges representatives will be visiting Casco Bay!  Please remember that if you have a class during the time of a visit, you must get permission from your teacher BEFORE you attend. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Doyle.

Monday Lunch...All Seeds of Peace please meet for our first lunch meeting in Canada

TST - 10th Grade in Crews


Tuesday morning several 10th-12th classes will be visited by representatives from Morgan State University and Clark Atlanta University, two HBU’s (Historically Black Universities). See Ms. Haar or Ms. Hassan FMI. 

10- U of Miami 

11:30-2:30 - Team 9 Kick-Off on Tuesday

11:00-11:30: Special 9th Grade Crew Lunch

11:30-2:30: Kick-Off

9th grade students will not attend ACAD or Block 6 



Junior English will be in the Great Space doing theater work first and last blocks each day Wed-Fri this week.

Crew Responsibilities for First School Meetings


Host Crew


Set Up Crew

Small Green Act



Be Accountable (Civic  Accountability)



9/18 (Sr Quest)


Work Collaboratively



SMCC College Algebra: This week’s class meets at 2:30, Wed.  in the room named : Australia

Would you like to propose a new X Block for the fall, complete one of the proposal forms outside Mr. Pierce’s office by THIS Wednesday and return them to Mr. Leque or Mr. Hale.


This Thursday lunch in Haiti will be the first Outing Club meeting of the year! We will be discussing our fall trip options and the return of the trail mix fundraiser. This is a great time to check out what Outing Club is all about. Hope to see you there!


Juniors and Seniors: Off-Campus Privileges will begin this Thursday, but only for qualified students who’ve already turned in the paperwork.


Crew - 9/12 Interviews


The Mock Trial team is gearing up and looking for new members. If you have any interest and want to hear more about it, come to a meeting on Thursday, September 12 in Burundi (Bernstein's Room) from 2:30-3:30. See Yusur or Oscar for more information.


Open House - 6:30-8:30 (7pm start for families of returning students)


Mr. Pierce is seeking students willing to help with translation in French, Spanish, Arabic and Somali at our Open House from 6:30-8:30 thisThursday (9/12). See Mr. Pierce if you are interested in volunteering.


For Students Considering Applying to One of the Military Academies: Service Academy Night, This September 12 at the Clarion Hotel in Portland (6 to 8pm)



9:30 - Boston College  


Want to be a mathlete?  Guess already are!  Come join the CBHS Math Team for our first meeting/practice, Friday at lunch in Canada.  See captains Siri Pierce, Isaac Tabb,

or Khang Le for questions.


Cabinet 2:45



9/17-20 - Senior Quest

9/24-9/27 9th Grade Quest

9/27 - Juniors to Bradbury Mtn.



Early release for lunch (5 minutes prior to normal start time)

Monday - Grade 9

Tuesday - Grade 12

Thursday - Grade 10

Friday - Grade 11

All students taking a class at USM this fall MUST see Ms. Doyle to complete Form A which is required to pay for your college class. 


As part of School Meeting 2.0, please let Mr. Pierce know if you are interested in being the meeting visualizer (taking visual notes on the white board to document the meeting) or if you are interested in learning to work the AV equipment. In preparation for our first school meeting next Wednesday, please review the following new guidelines for student performances and announcements. 


Guidelines for School Meeting Performances 

We aim to showcase our student body’s full range of remarkable talents and passions at school meeting over the course of the year. As a consequence, we have devised the following guidelines: 

  • A student or student group should perform no more than once per trimester. 

  • Any student performance should last no more than 5 minutes. 

  • All performances should be polished and school appropriate (PG-13).

  • All students interested in performing should see the Cabinet Performance Czar to book a school meeting date. (The Cabinet Performance Czar is a student Cabinet member who will be appointed by Cabinet this week.)

  • During the week before the designated performance, the Cabinet Performance Czar will view the act to make sure it is rehearsed and ready for school meeting. The Cabinet Performance Czar may elect to postpone an act that is not deemed ready (or consult with the principal if it is not deemed appropriate).

  • Any student performer(s) should come to the Great Space during the lunch before school meeting to set up relevant equipment and complete a sound check. 


Guidelines for School Meeting Announcements

School Meeting Announcements are a great way to not just communicate about coming events, but also to build school culture and morale. For those students making announcements, it can be a great opportunity to develop student voice and leadership skills. The following guidelines are designed to maximize the effectiveness of both your announcement and school meeting as a whole. 

  • Please sign up to make an announcement on the white board outside Mr. Pierce’s office by 8am the day of school meeting. (Students who fail to sign up ahead of time may not be able to make their announcement.)

  • Be rehearsed and brief (a minute or less). See Mr. Pierce if you would like more time.

  • Consider how to engage your audience, but, again, be brief. 

  • Use your announcement to educate or build excitement for your cause/event and/or to build community. Avoid solely repeating information that can be found on flyers or the Cabinet Bulletin. 

  • Do not repeat the same announcement week after week. Most events should only require one announcement at one school meeting. Special events may require multiple announcements, but strive to find a distinct angle each time.  


Teacher Aides Wanted: 

Physics Bk 3 and Bk 5

Engineering Bk 1 and Bk 2: See Ms. Loughlin FMI


Lunch:  Wherever you eat, be sure to leave no trace and to recycle and compost at the central location on the 2nd floor.


Community Opportunities

  1. Sophomores and Juniors: Youth Leader Application 2019

Apply to be a YLO with Portland Empowered for Fall 2019!

This role is primarily meant for Fall 2019. We will need YLOs to focus on these core elements:

- Co-facilitate small group dialogues during YLO meetings (on Thursdays 2 or 3 times a month)

- Collaborative well with others students and staff

- Make everyone comfortable

- Help to create the content, plan, and structure for long workshop events

- Meet with school representatives

If interested, look for a school e-mail from Mr. Pierce about how to apply or stop by his office. 


  1. Seeking Junior Coach, age 16 and up, to assist with coaching!! Training will be provided.


Girls on the Run is a 10 week program that helps girls develop essential skills to help them navigate

their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness. Trained coaches use our research-

based curricula to teach the foundational lessons through dynamic discussions, activities and running

games. The program culminates with girls positively impacting their communities through a service

project and being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5K event.


10 week program is for girls in 4th and 5th grades

Practice times: Mondays and Thursdays 3:15-4:45. Practices begin September 9th and end in

mid November. The 5K is 11/10.


Location: Presumpscot Elementary School

Contact FMI