CBHS Parent Newsflash 9-30-19
CBHS Parent Newsflash 9-30-19

Headline News
Welcome back 9th Graders!
The seniors will be having "College Boot Camp" on Tuesday. Tuesday night is CBHS Senior Parent College Night (6 to 7:30pm). Financial Aid Night with Bill Smith (for seniors) –  Oct 17 from 6-8pm.....Contact Steph Doyle FMI (
The sophomores will be doing team-building at Fort Williams for most of the day on Wednesday. 
All are welcome to our next Parent Advisory Group (PAG) meeting, a week from Thursday (October 10th from 5:30-7pm). Our educational topic will be restorative justice and its applicability to parenting teens. We will also be reviewing and awarding fall teacher grants and planning for Arts and Music Fest (11/16).   
Help Wanted
Our 9th-11th graders will be taking the PSAT's on Wed. October 16th, so we will be looking for healthy breakfast donations to help our students do their best (bagels, orange juice. etc.). Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. 
Select Student Announcements

Morning music. We are going to try a new routine of playing a song over the PA about 7:55 to signal that it’s time to start moving to first block class. If you are a 2019-20 HOWL Student of the Week, you get to choose the song for at least one day;  see Mr. Pierce or Mr. Shibles if want to sign up to do this. 

Do you have an idea for what should be our school’s first Courageous Conversation topic of the year? Please complete a proposal form outside of Mr. Pierce’s office and turn it in to Mr. Pierce or any Cabinet member by this Friday. 

There is still time to join Vocal Ensemble or House Band. Vocal Ensemble meets before school in the PATHS Music Room (7am) Tuesday and Thursday. The House Band meets at the same time and place Wednesday and Fridays. Students who successfully participate earn art UPs. If you would like to join but are having transportation issues, please see Mr. Pierce. 

Be Accountable (Civic Accountability) is “Know and adhere to school and classroom rules and norms.” CBHS Family Handbook Rule Reminder of the Week: 

Off-Campus Privileges - Lunch

The privilege of off-campus lunch exists for all juniors and seniors who obtain parent permission and who meet the stipulations on the permission form. There is no off-campus lunch for 9th or 10th graders. Students with CBHS-PATHS parking privileges may drive in cars to go off campus for lunch.  Juniors may NOT take other students as passengers. Seniors with appropriate licensing credentials may take other seniors (only) as passengers. There is no off-campus lunch whenever there is crew lunch or a special school or crew activity during lunch.  Student behavioral rules remain in effect during off-campus lunch. Students who drive irresponsibly during lunch or juniors who drive other students during the school day will lose their driving privilege. All students who leave campus for lunch need to sign out – through Ms. Kierstead's office – and return on time. Complete the appropriate form for further details. 

Crew Advisors: Please let Mr. Croft  know if you still have students in your crew who need a Chromebook.  

From Devyn S: Hello Casco Bay!! School meeting 2.0 is taking off and there is a new procedure for signing up to perform! If you are interested in showing off your amazing talent at school meeting, you must either check-in with the Performance Wizard (Devyn Shaughnessy 10th Grade) or fill out the Google Form on the CBHS homepage. All performances should be well rehearsed and all performers will be required to briefly meet with the Wizards at some point before the date of their performance to preview their act. Break a leg!! Also, JUNIORS AND SENIORS if you are interested in being co-Performance Wizard and helping to pre-screen performances please see Mr. Pierce!

Senior crew advisors before College Boot Camp on Tuesday:

 1) Please make sure your crewbies can log onto their Naviance Account (If they can't logon, they can see me or Michael.)

 2) Please make sure your crewbies bring in either their SS # or Alien Registration Number to the day.


Thanks to Britha for submitting our first Cabinet Proposal (about the color of graduation robes). Each crew is asked to give feedback on this proposal here  by the end of crew on Friday. Thanks.  

College Visits This Week

Monday, September 30

10:30 - Macalester College

11am - Franklin Pierce

Tuesday, October 1

  9:30 - Middlebury College

12:30 - Keene State College

Wednesday, October 2

10:30 - Thomas College

11- U of Puget Sound

Thursday, October 3

10:30 - Saint Joseph’s College, ME

Friday, October 4

11:00 - Bates College

Monday - Rosh Hashanah

Voter Registration Drive at lunch and TST for all students who are 18 or will be 18 by November 5th. 

9:30 - CBHS Photographers meet


Attention all students! We will be hosting a digital presentation from Dr. Darren Ranco today (Monday 9/30) after school in Haiti. We will use Zoom to listen to Dr. Ranco's live presentation about sustainability science and indigenous research methods. All are welcome. 9th grade students who attend will have the opportunity to earn exceeds credit for Biology.  Darren J. Ranco, is a Citizen of the Penobscot Nation and Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Maine. 


Senior College Boot Camp Day is Tuesday.  See Ms. Doyle with any questions. 

Bk 2 Rm Shift- 11/12 Supported Study - to Somalia

BK 3 Rm Shift - Post-PATH Supported Study - to Cuba

There will be a meeting for current National Honor Society members in the library during lunch Tuesday. 


Tuesday - 6-7:30 - Senior Parent College Night

Wednesday - Sophomore Team-Building 

8:00 - 9:10 Sophomore crew breakfast  

 9:15-12:20 - Seniors to Fort Williams 

Upcoming School Meetings


Host Crew


Set Up Crew

Small Green Act

This Wednesday


Take Action to Better the World



10/16 (PSAT Day


Be Accountable (Academic Accountability)




Thursday is the  Registration Deadline for the November SAT

Thursday Outing Club lunch meetings in Haiti return this week after 2 weeks of Quests. We will be making our first batch of trail mixes to sell during Thursday ACAD to raise funds for our upcoming trip to Acadia National Park October 18th-20th. Those students who have not expressed interest in the trip lottery for the Acadia trip should do so by Thursday's lunch meeting. We are only able to take 10 students. 

Those interested in supporting the Outing Club by purchasing either our "Trail Spice" mix  or "The OG" mix can do so for $1 during Thursday ACAD in the 2nd floor hallway outside the Great Space.


Friday - X Block Begins!

X Block begins this Friday! You can find out your fall trimester assignment from your crew advisor. If you would like to change your X Block, you must first attend your assigned X Block on Friday, then, if you still want to make a change, you can submit a change request form between Friday afternoon and Wednesday. The form will be accessible through the CBHS website and Crew Google Classrooms. 


After-School: First Food Distribution Friday




Yom Kippur - Oct. 9th

Grades Close for Progress Reports: 10/11  (due 10/16; mailed 10/18) 

9th Fieldwork - Oct 15th

PSAT’s 9-11 - October 16th  

Halloween Dance - October 25th



Students Who May Be Eligible to Receive Free and Reduced lunch forms: Please turn them in - even if you never or rarely eat school lunch. Qualifying can allow you to access to scholarships and reduced fees on everything from Quest to standardized tests.