CBHS Parent Newsflash 9-24-18
CBHS Parent Newsflash 9-24-18

Headline News
Welcome back, Senior Questers!

Freshmen should be at the Rippleffect dock by 7:45am Tuesday. They will return on Friday afternoon. 

Sophomores will be kicking off their Africa Rising expedition on Wednesday. Seniors will be experiencing "college boot camp" the same day

Junior crews will be engaged in team-building at Fort Williams on Friday. 
Here's a link to the most recent superintendent column. 

Parent Events This Week

TONIGHT,  Monday September 24th from 6:00-7:30 Casco Bay High School will be hosting its first ever ParentCollege/Financial Aid Boot Camp. Parents will have an opportunity to meet and talk with the guidance team about the college process as well as cycle though various sessions related to the college and financial aid process. This evening is geared towards parents of juniors and seniors but all are welcome. If you have any further questions or would like more information about the evening, please email or call Stephanie Doyle at or 207.874.8160 ex.7206. We look forward to seeing you. 

THIS Tuesday night, September 25th (6:30-8pm) at USM (Portland Campus), there's a free college fair. Admissions reps from nearly 200 schools will be in attendance. Learn more here. This is the biggest and bestcollege fair in the local area. 
Proficiency-Based Learning and College Admissions THIS Wednesday, September 26th • 6–8 p.m. at Deering High School. All are welcome
Are you a parent with questions about “Proficiency–Based” or “Competency–Based” learning approach, and how it might affect college admission? A panel of college admissions officers will discuss what the district’s new standards mean for students applying to college, and what work habits and academic learning experiences make for strong applicants. High school students are highly encouraged to attend to learn more about the admissions process and how to be more competitive applicants.
Help Wanted
The CBHS PAG needs help stuffing envelopes for the Annual Appeal this week, Tuesday, September 25th, 6:30 PM, for an hour or two, at a parent's home in Portland.  Please contact Betsy Hanscom for details, at or at 207-754-9692 if you can help. 
We are looking for a parent willing to assist Mallory Haar with our A-Z Alliance that supports and advocates for our LGBTQ community. Contact Mallory at FMI. 

11:30 Dismissal – 10/3

Sophomore Field Day – 10/4

PSATs 9-11 – 10/10

9th Grade Rite of Passage – 10/11

Grades Close for PR’s – 10/12

Select Student Announcements 

Kindness Wisdom of the Week -  from Morales Crew: “Being inclusive is the ultimate kindness.”

Our new expanded Cabinet is now complete. Thanks to everyone willing to serve!

Chairperson - Imti Hassan

12th Grade Reps - Pita Yanga and Asha Abdi

11th Grade Reps - Carli Bliss and Josh Mutshaila

10th Grade Reps - Declan McMahon and Joseph Inabanza

9th Grade Reps - Suki Dow and Silvio Morales

9/10 - At-Large - Oscar McNally

11/12 - At-Large - Liam Goff

All 10-12th Crews: Please complete the Peer Mediators Survey in crew this week. Please indicate the names of at least three of your classmates (in the same grade as you) to whom you would turn if you needed help solving a conflict between peers. Our goal is to build a team of peer mediators who are representative of our whole community; please strive to consider peers who might be outside of your immediate circle of friends. Consider skills like good listening, maturity, a sense of fairness, and an interest in helping others. This survey is anonymous.

Are you 17 or 18? Then it’s time to register to vote! Representatives from City Hall will be here tomorrow during Acad and lunch as part of a national voter registration day for HS students.  Please bring your driver’s license or school ID. If you are using a school ID, you will need to also be able to share the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Seniors.. Welcome back!

  1. Tell your parents to come tonight to Parent College Boot Camp (at 6pm)

  2. Come to College Boot Camp on Wednesday with a personal email address (not parents or CBHS email) AND their Social Security Number. This is VITAL in creating their FAFSA ID on Wednesday

PATHS students will attend two of the morning sessions, and meet with Doyle/Hale in the afternoon to make up the session that was missed.

Seniors, We Want You!! Project Graduation Team: New this year!!  

Seniors will be on the planning team. We’re looking for one senior from each Senior Crew interested in participating on this planning team. Please send text or email of interest to:  207-330-0016  First meeting will be October 5th! Carla Gill - Project Grad. Parent Chair & Julia Burrell- Student Chair

Club and Organizational Leaders of Groups that do not meet only during X Block: Does your organization meet at the same time every week (eg: Tuesdays at lunch)? Please add your information to the weekly meeting calendar on the sign-up board.

Reminder: Crew feedback is sought on how stop cutting in the lunch lines. Crews are asked to give their feedback here by Friday 9/28. The feedback will be reviewed when the full Cabinet is in session post Quests, 10/5. Thanks to all of the crews who’ve already given their ideas.

College Visits this Week:

Tuesday: Ursinus (9), Hampshire (10), Bentley (11:30), New School (12:15), St Thomas (1) UVM (2pm)

Wednesday: Green Mountain (8:30), Brandeis (1:30)

Thursday: Bennington (9:30), College of the Atlantic (11:30)

Friday: Whitman (9), Goucher (11), Pine Manor (12)

Both the House Band and the Vocal Ensemble have started at 7am'ish in the PATHS Music Room (1st floor). All singers and musicians are encouraged to join. Arts UPs are awarded for those participate all year and in the periodic concerts. Vocal Ensemble meets Tuesdays and Thursdays and House Band meets Wed’s and Fridays.

Monday – A Day - TST –/Gr 9 –Great Space

Seniors, Today during Team Support is your second Mentorship Monday session.  Please report on time to your meeting room:

Murray Crew: PATHS Fashion Crew Space with  Dr. H and Maryellen Randall

Loughlin crew: Fitness Room with Pierce and Haar

Dorvee crew: Library with Dorvee

Doyle / Knox crew: Dominican Republic with Doane

Hale crew: Russia with Ed Suslovic (Haar today)

Nichols crew: Russia

Hampton crew: TEMPORARY LOCATION: Haiti (Biology Room) with Robinson

Parent College Boot Camp – 6 to 7:30pm - All parents welcome - in the Great Space

Tuesday – 9th Quest departs

Francesca’s “Jam for Breakfast”  - the weekly music Jam session - will begin this Tuesday in the Fitness Room at 7:15am

Interact Club’s first meeting is this Tuesday during lunch in the library. This meeting is solely for information and does not mean you are automatically in the club. If you are at all interested in getting more involved in your school and city communities, meeting new people or just volunteering in general, come join us!

Lunch/Acad – Voter Registration Drive

This Tuesday night, September 25th (6:30-8pm) at USM (Portland Campus), there's a free college fair. Admissions reps from nearly 200 schools will be in attendance. Learn more here. This is the biggest and best college fair in the local area.

Wednesday – 10th Africa Rising Kick-Off and Senior College Boot Camp

1:30 Dismissal

Senior College Boot Camp – 9am-1:30pm

School Meeting (Hosts Doyle – Pathway: Be Well  ) >> Set up: Hale Crew (Work Independently)

Want to relax? De-stress? The next meditation session with Ms. Hagge will take place after school on Wednesday (1:40) in the fitness room. All are welcome. No experience necessary.

Thursday   Crew – Small Green Acts Brainstorm

Friday – 11th Grade Fieldwork at Fort Williams (9:15-1:15pm)

9th Grade Quest Returns – After School


1)Have you ever travelled to China? Would you be willing to talk with our Chinese language students about what you experienced? Please see Ms. Shufang or Mr. Pierce FMI.

2) See Tiana Urey if you would like to join her on the Metro Advisory Committee. The first meeting will be Wednesday, September 26, at 2 PM.  

3) Community Opportunities

Applications for The Telling Room's  Young Emerging Authors fellowship are due 9:00am on Tuesday, September 25. More information, as well as a peek at the 2017-2018 books, here.