CBHS Parent Newsflash 6-3-19
CBHS Parent Newsflash 6-3-19

Headline News
It was great to see so many of you during last week's slew of culminations and special events... We hope to see you this week as well!
Sophomore families and loved ones are invited to Sophomore Passage Presentations today and Tuesday, 6/3 and 6/4. The presentation schedule is here. Contact your sophomore's crew advisor, FMI. 
The Senior Awards Assembly is this morning June 3rd at 9am in the Great Space. All are welcome!
The Class of 2019 Graduation is this Thursday at 7:30pm at Merrill Auditorium. The event is free and no tickets are required. 
Learn More About CBHS Summer Academic Options (CBHS Sun School, Math Summer Workshop, USM-CBHS Geology Intensive and PPS Summer School) here.
Our final PAG meeting of the year will be at 5:30pm on June 11th at Sarah Compton's house (159 Glenwood Ave.)


Final Assessments/Boat-Building - June 11th-13th

Last Student Day and Cardboard Boat Race - June 14th

Select Student Announcements

The Cabinet approved the recent proposal to add a vice-chair for Cabinet. The vice-chair will be chosen by Cabinet members from among its membership after elections in the fall.   

A limited amount of yearbooks will be arriving early this week. Pre-order them through Sophie Urey, Alexis Bellas, Tom Victor or Mr. Ford. Once here, they will be sold in the Great Space during lunches. The cost is $10.

Summer Academic Offerings; Learn and gain UPs in science and/or math this summer. Sign up for the Math Summer Workshop or GEO 199, a week-long science intensive co-taught for high school and university credit. More info outside Mr. Pierce’s office.

Rising juniors and seniors: If you would like to join Mr. Burke and Ms. Crowley for 3 days at a STEM experiential curriculum retreat (all expenses paid, August 14 - 16, Schoodic Institute, Winter Harbor, ME), see Ms. Crowley and complete the necessary paperwork by this Friday. If there are more students than spots, two names will be chosen at random.

The spread love club is offering an hour of self-care during finals week! Come to Russia Wednesday, May 12th for the hour after lunch. Sign up on the CBHS website in a google form for a 20 minute slot. During this time you will be able to make and use facemasks, color pretty coloring book pages, do yoga, write poetry and clean out your backpack in order to win a small prize! Keep spreading the love!!!

Overview of Team 10’s Sophomore Passage Prep and Presentations

Monday June 3: B Day- Sophomore Passage all day except Senior Assembly

Tuesday June 4: A day- Sophomore Passage Blocks 1/2/Crew/ACAD:

Sophomore Rooms for Passage

Canada - Natarajan Crew

Mexico - Woidt Crew

Wellness - Koharian Crew

Sudan - Burns Crew

Somalia - Croft Crew

Dominican Republic - Lunetta Crew  (will need projector)

PATHS Fashion - Lynch-Nichols Crew  (will need projector)

Related Room Shifts


Bk 4 - Chinese 3 - Library

Bk 5 - AP US History - Burundi

Bk 6 - Geometry - Russia


Bk 1 - Chinese 1 - Haiti

BK 2 - 11/12 Academic Support - Burundi

Bk 3 - Geometry - Cuba

Monday – Senior Awards Assembly/Soph Passage Presentations/ Special Schedule

Grade 10 - Presentations except for Sr Awards

Bk 4 – 8:00-9:25

8:00-8:50: Marching Practice

9:00-9:25: Senior Awards Assembly, Part 1 in Great Space

Senior Awards Assembly (Full School, Great Space)  - 9:30-10:45

Crew Lunch – 10:45-11:15

Bk 5 – 11:20-12:52

Bk 6 – 12:56-2:30  

1pm - SolaRISE

2:40-3:30 - Crew Team Leaders

Tuesday - Soph Passage/College Pro Day

Grade 10 - Presentations till BK 3

8-9:30 - Marching Practice

Ms Loughlin will be meeting with juniors seeking the STEM Endorsement on Tuesday during academic support in India (room 315). We will review your current progress and check your senior course requests to ensure that you are on track to meet your requirements. Students who attend PATHS would intend to seek the STEM Endorsement could meet with her post-PATHS on Tuesday as well.

Come meet the founder of March For Our Lives, David Hogg, in the Great Space this Tuesday the 4th at 4pm. There will be food & merch for sale!

Wednesday - 2:30 Dismissal (Acad instead of School Meeting)/ College Pro Day

Marching Practice - 8am-9:30

Bk 4 - 8-9:34

Bk 5 - 9:38-11:12

Crew Lunch - 11:12-45

Acad - 11:49-12:52

Bk 6 - 12:56-2:30

Thursday- Graduation Day!

4:30- Seniors to Merrill

7:30 - Graduation at Merrill - all invited! Free, no tickets needed

Friday - Last B Day

Reminder: Juniors: Sign up to be a Senior Mentor Next Fall… Thanks in advance to your willingness to help a new freshmen have a smooth transition to CBHS. Sign up on the Sign Up Board.

Rising Juniors and Seniors - Looking for some leadership, mentoring and volunteer hours this summer? Want to help your future Freshmen students get a great jump start on math (fractions and operations)? The Freshmen Connection Program is looking for tutors. July 8-18th from 12-1pm. See Mrs. Hampton to sign up!

Reminder: Casco Bay High School will be offering two colleges classes in the fall. Both will take place on Wednesdays after school at CBHS with SMCC professors.. The courses will be: College Algebra (Math-140) and Maine History (HIST-145)  Please see Ms. Doyle if you have any questions or to sign up.

Detailed Last Week Schedule

Monday, June 10th - Last Day of Classes - A Day

Tuesday, June 11th Final Assessments Begin

Crew Meeting: 8:00-8:30   

Block 1 Final Assessment: 8:35-10:05   

Block 2 Final Assessment:  10:15-11:45

Lunch: 11:45-12:15

Final Support/Standards Make-Up: 12:15-2:30   (Cardboard Boat Building)

Wednesday, June 12th

Final Crew Meeting: 8:00-8:30  

Block 3 Final Assessment:  8:35-10:05

Block 4 Final Assessment:  10:15-11:45

New Crew Lunch: 11:45-12:15

Final Support/Standards Make-Up: 12:15-2:30   (Cardboard Boat Building)

Thursday , June 13th

Class Meeting (Awards): 8:00-8:30

Block 5 Final Assessment:  8:35-10:05

Block 6 Final Assessment:  10:15-11:45

Lunch: 11:45-12:15

Final Support/Standards Make-Up: 12:15-2:30   (Cardboard Boat Building)

Friday June 14th – Last Day of School

Final Class Meeting (Closing Circle) – 8:00-8:25

Final School Meeting – 8:30-8:55

Cardboard Boat Race – 9:00-11:30 (at Willard Beach)