CBHS Parent Newsflash 5-4-20
CBHS Parent Newsflash 5-4-20

Headline News

Happy Staff Appreciation Week!

Ramadan Kareem!

Our next CBHS Parent Community Forum will be combined with our PAG meeting next Tuesday, May 12th from 5:30-7pm. Watch for the Zoom Link and the opportunity to submit questions in advance before week's end. 

Tuesday - 6pm - NHS Ceremony for the initial cohort from the Class of 2021

Contact me or Maryellen Randall for the Zoom Link for the event.

Spring trimester progress reports will be viewable online on Thursday.

Thanks to CBHS students for again modelling the way with EL Education's Better the World Day. Two music videos with songs created and featuring a slew of our musicians book-ended the national event. The ceremony began with a playing of Charlotte and company’s great video and ended with the world premiere of “Gratitude Anthem” by Simon Hale (and featuring Simon, Savanah, Halim, Ochola, Lionel (dancing) and Gabe).

Art and Genocide: A Case Study of the Holocaust 

Join us for an evening of Art and Poetry created to honor victims, survivors and resistance of genocide in the past and present.  (the culmination of a USM/CBHS course taught by Ms. Appelbaum and Mr. Bernstein)

When:TONIGHT  May 4th 4-6:30 pm

RSVP to or and we will send you a Zoom link.

Help Wanted
A book in the hands of a child opens lifelong journeys of imagination, inspiration and comfort. Two Maine teachers brainstormed a way to mitigate the stress and anxiety their students are feeling due to the onset of COVID-19 and the reality of remote learning. Yet, many of the students they teach do not have enough books in general, let alone books that mirror their goals and aspirations.  This lack of access widens the equity gap for learners. The goal of "My Book Forever" is to provide engaging and culturally responsive books as gifts to vulnerable students (grades 6-12).

Select Student Announcements: 

Thanks again to each of you who offered service, caring and/or gratitude to someone who deserved it for Better the World Day. (And thanks to those continuing in their efforts to Build Community.)


Progress reports for the spring trimester will be viewable online Thursday.The possible progress report grades will be: 3+, 3, 2+, 2 and 1…. Yes, the final grades that will appear on spring trimester report cards are still “Met” and “Not Yet,” but we think these numbers will be more useful and descriptive in giving you a sense of where you stand in each course. (3+= student work has consistently exceeded essential requirements to meet course standards.)

Quarantainment Challenge

This Week’s Quarantainment Challenges: 

  1. The return of Where’s Mr. Pierce?

  2. Dance Challenge… Get Movin’ CBHS! Submit you doing your best moves, any style; all levels  (1 minute or less) by DM’ing our Insta Page by Friday 8am. (Faculty submissions welcome!)



  • Be sure to give your Class of 2020 Support Council Reps input on 3 issues by the end of Tuesday Crew: the new “class word” idea, your interest in being a class gift artist and the timing of the Senior Award assembly.   

  • The yearbook needs a cover!!! Calling on the senior class artists to submit artwork to Mr. Ford by Friday the 8th.

  • Contact Ms. Doyle and Mr Hale TODAY if you plan to Move On Up this week. Videos must by submitted to Mr. Hale by NOON on Tuesday.

  • The Class of 2020 Support Council will meet with Mr. Shibles and Mr. Pierce at 11am on Tuesday.

  • Class Writer: one senior-created piece of writing will be read or performed at graduation.  To be considered, any senior may submit a piece of writing by NEXT Monday, May 11th, 2020 



Friday - B Day   - 3:40- 4:30 - Cabinet


Turn in those YEARBOOK CREW PAGES!!! They are due ASAP Contact Alexis Bellas (, Sophie Urey ( or Mr. Ford ( if you have questions or need help putting your page together.


Members of the Model UN team are asked to complete a short survey to determine the level of interest in holding our own mini-conference before the end of the school year. Use this link:

or access the survey in the Model UN Google Classroom (code: monqrq5)



May 13th - 12:30 Dismissal for PD

May 13th - AP Lit Exam

May 15th - AP US Exam

May 18th - Final Words Begin

May 18th- AP Env Studies Exam

May 21st - New Student Orientation - 5:30-6:30pm


Community Opportunity: “This summer, level up your French or Spanish online and earn 3 college credits! Delivered live and in real-time by CIEE’s best teachers in France and Spain, these exclusive Language & Culture online programs will run from July 6 to August 7. Get ready for five weeks of deep immersion through online chats with French or Spaniard teens, lively games and authentic multimedia content — from exciting videos and movie clips, to virtual tours or current music hits and news articles. Application deadline is May 20.  Learn more today



Artists, performers, talented people one and all. (That includes YOU!) Share your art/skill through a video link to Mr. Pierce ( by Tuesday at 8pm,  so it can be shared school-wide during virtual School Meeting on Wednesday.  

Let your crew advisor or Mr. Pierce know if you think you would benefit from an alumni tutor.


9th-11th: If you are interested in taking a USM or SMCC course next fall, get the details here. 


Sophomores and Juniors: Are you interested in taking any of the following AP courses online next fall? US Government, Biology, Calculus BC, Computer Science, Music Theory, Statistics, Psychology, Art History, World History, Macroeconomics, Spanish, Physics or European History. Contact Mr. Hale or Ms Doyle FMI.

You can follow the link below and click on the drop down menu labeled AP4ME to register:


AP students: Review your College Board user profiles. Log in to My AP to remind yourselves of the email address and cell phone number you've asked the College Board to use. Two days before each exam, AP students will receive an email with a personalized e-ticket that will include their eight-character AP ID code. If an AP student still doesn’t receive the email, they'll be able to access their e-ticket directly through My AP. Attend online AP classes and review sessions for prep week. 


Tech Support Schedule and Process

Students with broken chromebooks or chargers, or who need a district hot spot, please complete this brief google form here. (Crew Advisors: if you are aware of an advisee having an issue, you may also submit a form.) This link is also on the CBHS homepage.

Devices can be exchanged and hot spots can be picked up on the following days and times:

Tuesdays   10am - noon: Portland HS  

Thursdays 10am - noon: Deering HS 

But please know, you can’t just show up. You have to complete the tech issue google form at least a day before and connect with our registrar, Ms Leberman ( for further instructions.

If you can’t make it to either of these spots or times, please phone Mr. Pierce 653-6792, and a CBHS staff member can make a delivery to your home.

Note: If you receive/d a district hot spot, please know that they run off a battery and need to be charged. There is a charging cord in the box you received. 


The BK 7 teacher schedules are here. Note: that some BK 7’s will now meet at 8am. 


Use the PPS HelpDesk phone line and email to get answers to questions and concerns on any issue during the shutdown. The phone number is: 207-874-8159. That HelpDesk phone line has access to different languages. You can also send us an email in your primary language at