CBHS Parent Newsflash 5-30-17
CBHS Parent Newsflash 5-30-17
Headline News  

The last Final Words are today and Wednesday during school and Wednesday night (6 to 8pm). All are welcome (in the Great Space). Friday is seniors’ last day of classes.

The Spanish 2 Culmination is tonight in the Great Space at 6pm.

Parents are definitely invited to this Thursday's 9th Grade culmination. The culmination is June 1st at UNE Portland campus beginning at 12:30 in the large lecture hall in Parker Pavilion with keynote speakers and will end at 2:30.  

Fans of Seniors: The Senior Awards assembly is next week, June 7th, starting at 9am in the library. It should conclude before 11am. Graduation will be at Merrill Auditorium at 6pm on Thursday, June 8th. No tickets necessary.

Marching Practice – June 5th-7th
Sophomore Play is Work Culmination – June 5th  (8-11am)
College Pro Day – June 5th and 6th
Senior Awards Assembly – June 7th
Graduation – June 8th (6pm at Merrill Auditorium)
Project Grad – June 8th
Soph Passage Week – June 12th
Junior Journey Doc Premiere – June 12th (6pm at the Nickelodeon)
School Budget Vote – June 13th
Soph Passage Presentations – June 15th-16th

Select Student Announcements
Cougar kudos to Ella Ferguson and Francesca Houran for performing with the Allstate Orchestra in Orono earlier this month.
The A-Z Alliance will be having a bake sale this Wednesday after-school. Please come buy a baked good and help us prepare for Pride!

9-11th: It is tradition that representatives from each grade (9-11) give a brief tribute/thanks to the seniors as part of the Senior Awards Assembly on June 7th (a week from Wednesday). First preference for representatives is given to siblings of graduating seniors. Please see Mr. Pierce by day’s end Wednesday if you are interested in being your grade’s rep and/or learning more.

Sophomores and Juniors: If you are interested in signing up for Ms. Haar and Ms. Appelbaum’s new semester-long English course, I Am From Many Worlds: Literature, Culture and Identity, please see them this week.

Juniors Interested in Going Back to Detroit Next Fall to Participate in a Conference: A 1-2 page letter is due Wednesday, June 14. The letter should follow a guideline of questions about what they learned on JJ and what they think they have to offer to this opportunity.  See Ms. McCray FMI

Seniors: Return books to classrooms and the library!
June 2nd:  ALL work for ALL classes required for graduation MUST be turned in by 2:30 on Friday, June 2nd.  NO EXCEPTIONS. If work is not passed in for required classes by 2:30 on Friday, June 2nd, students are not eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 8th.  They may still complete the work and be eligible to get their diplomas after June 8th.  
Seniors’ Monday Marching Practice schedule on June 5th has now been shifted due to the sophomore culmination that same morning. Seniors who need to return an iPad (and bag and charger etc.) should be here by noon on Monday, June 5th. Marching practice will now start afterward at 12:45 in the Great Space. It will conclude by 2:30. Attendance is mandatory for those who intend to participate in graduation.

Tuesday – A Day
Bk 1 and Acad - Final Word
9th Grade (only) 11:04-11:34: Lunch after Block 2
11:34-2:30: Walls Down Dress Rehearsals in 4 Breakout Rooms (China, Russia, Haiti, Australia)

6 to 7pm – Spanish 2 Culmination

Wednesday - Bk 4 – Final Word

School Meeting – Dodson/Leque (On Deck: 6/14 – Morales – Work Independently and Collaboratively)
Bk 6 – Grade 9 Walls Down Presentation Work
1:45-5:30 – Guidance Counselor Interviews
4:30-6pm – TeachPortland Event
6-8pm – Final Final Words!

Thursday – Questions of Conscience Culmination/11th Walls Down
Acad – 9-11 Courageous Conversation facilitators: We will have training for the last Courageous Conversation of the year during the first half of Acad this Thursday in the Wellness Room. (Students who usually have Acad in the Wellness Room will move to Cuba.
Grade 9 Culmination at UNE 12:30-2:30

Friday – Last Day of Senior Classes/Team 11 Walls Down/Team 10 Walls Down
Since Grades 10 and 11 are having a “walls down” day this Friday, there will be no X Block. Grades 9 and 12 will have a 2nd crew block during this time.
Crew - 10th Grade Painting
Cabinet – 2:30


Sophomores and Juniors: Introduction to Sociology and College Algebra are the two SMCC courses that will be offered on our campus on Wednesday afternoons next fall. See Ms. Doyle or Mr. Hale to sign up.
Free SAT Prep Course this summer through Let’s Get Ready at Deering, starting 6/15. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-8:30. See Ms. Doyle to sign up or go to

See Mr. Hale or Ms. Doyle to apply for the Gateway to Opportunity summer program. Get job skills, job training and get paid $10.68 an hour. To be eligible, you must receive free or reduced lunch or any other type of public assistance.  The program will run from Monday, June 26th – Thursday, August 3rd from 10:00 – 3:30 Monday – Thursday.  Students need to be available for the duration of the program.