CBHS Parent Newsflash 5-28-18
CBHS Parent Newsflash 5-28-18
Headline News: 
Thanks to everyone who came out to Family Crew Night last week (and final words). Another teeming week ahead. 
The Future Task Force will be presenting their recommendations for how to make CBHS the greenest high school in the state to school leadership and PAG reps today (2:45-4:15, Rm New Zealand).
Sophomore News: Sophomores will be presenting their physics books to Riverton students on Wed. The duffle shuffle for sophomore solo is also Wednesday. Sophomores report to school at 11:30am on Thursday before heading to Wolfe's Neck for the Sophomore Solo. They will return and be dismissed at noon on Friday. 
The freshmen will be culminating their expedition, "Question of Conscience, " from 12-2:30 at UNE this Thursday. 
Juniors will be having a "walls down" day for documentary work on Thursday and Friday.
To participate in the graduation ceremony June 7th, all seniors must be meeting all graduation requirements by this Friday, June 1st at 2:30pm, the last day of senior classes. 
The PATHS Celebration for graduating seniors will take place from 6 to 8pm at Merrill Auditorium. 

May 31st at 6pm is the Athletic Open Houses for ALL students who may wish to wear a sport uniform next year. If you are going to wear a BLUE uniform - your meeting is at Portland High School Gym. If you are going to wear a PURPLE uniform - your meeting is in the Deering High School Gym

Help Wanted
1) Our freshman are once again hosting The Questions of Conscience Culmination at UNE Portland campus on May 31st from 12:00-2:30pm. We will kick off the event with student keynote speakers and then pairs of students will present their positions on one of five bioethical questions facing our society today, around the themes of regenerative medicine, genome editing, and genetic discrimination to an expert panel. 

We are currently seeking additional panel members from the CBHS community (including current college students and recent alums in related fields).  We would love for you to join us! Is this something you would be willing and able to  participate in?  Let us know. FMI, contact Jenny Crowley, cc'd here.
2) Plant Sale Saturday (9am-1pm, flyer attached): Hello plant lovers!
We have a LOT of gorgeous plants for our plant sale next Saturday, June 2. I could use some help getting all these beauties to King Middle school for the sale, and I still need 3 or 4 people to help out at the sale, too. We have two time slots - 8:30 - 10:30 and 10:30 - 12:30. I really appreciate your help!  Thank you, Victoria 

Select Student Announcments

As is an annual tradition, we are seeking members from the 9th-11th grades to pay brief tribute to the Class of 2018 at the senior awards assembly on June 6th. Preference is given to siblings of seniors. If you would like to be involved (or want more information), see Mr. Pierce this week.

Summer Astronomy Intensive update: There are currently about 10 spaces left for students interested in attending this summer intensive. See your Science Teacher for a sign-up form and then return the form and payment to Ms. Loughlin in room 315 (India) to ensure your enrollment in this  summer learning opportunity.

The 2018-19 SMCC courses are as follows:

Fall 2018

  1. College Algebra - 2:30-5:25

  2. Philosophy

Spring 2019

  1. Psychology

  2. Intro to Acting

See Mr. Hale or Ms. Hampton to sign up for fall SMCC semester courses today!

If you love math, love our community, and want to make a huge impact on the culture and success of next year's freshman class, then you should be a teacher assistant in Geometry.  Whether you're interested in having fun grappling with Honors students, want to make a difference with students who need extra help meeting standards or just want to be a positive mentor for all students, your experience as a Geometry TA will be tailored to meet what you want.  Please see Mr. Leque if your are interested

We are seeking a 9th and 10th graders who would be willing to serve on an interview panel (after-school till early evening on June 5th) for the physics teacher who will be with us next fall while Ms. Woidt is out on maternity leave. Let Mr. Pierce know if you are interested or would like more information.

Pottery Intensive creations are on display in the Great Space today. Potters should plan to pick up there work right after school.

Congrats to the Green Team for writing a successful $500 student grant proposal to Cabinet for CBHS reusable water bottles.  

Freshman News

Tuesday May 29 - Dress Rehearsal (A Day):

8:00-11:00: Block 1 and 2 are Regular Classes

11:04-11:34: Lunch after Block 2

11:34-2:30: Walls Down Dress Rehearsals in 4 Breakout Rooms (France, Sweden, Haiti, Australia) (No regular Block 3)

Wednesday May 30 - Revision Day (B Day):

8:00-10:44: Blocks 4 and 5 - Students in Regular Classes

12:10-1:30: Walls Down Work Time (No regular Block 6) (France, Sweden, Haiti, Australia)

Thursday May 31 - Culmination (A Day):

8:00-10:52: Block 1 and 2 are Regular Classes

10:52-11:15 Lunch

11:15: Depart for UNE on Yellow School Buses

11:30-12:00: Set-Up at UNE

12:00-2:30: Culmination

2:30: Students Dismissed from UNE

Sophomore News-  Wednesday May 30th (B Day): Sophomores excused from Blocks 4 & 5 for Riverton trip

Thursday May 31st and Friday June 1st: Sophomore Solo        

Senior News

  1. CHECK IC!!!  CHECK IC, especially for classes that you need for graduation.  Be sure to get the work done, go to class, and attend Block 7.

FYI, Pick UP work needing revision from Ms. McCray: Liberty, Carlee. Grace Owen, Manna, Hassan. Tareq, Selena, John, Stacey, Abrar, Lemyaa, John H.

2) Seniors need to be meeting all T3 standards required for graduation and to return all books and school property by this Friday. Chromebooks and chargers will be turned in on Monday after marching practice.

3) There will be a required Sr Class Meeting after Bk 5 on Friday to review Graduation week details.

Calling all members of the literary magazine! Please come to our after school editing jams. We will meet in the library Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2:30-4:30.  Come, eat snacks and get stuff done!!


Bk 1 – Final Word

Acad/Bk 3 – 9th Grade Walls Down

2:45-4:15: LT Summit with PAG, Cabinet and Future Task Force - in New Zealand


Bk 4 – Final Final Word

Bk 4 and 5 – Team 10 to Riverton

School Meeting –Host: Morales (Take Action to Better the World) Set up: Richard (Build Community)

Bk 6 –9th Grade Walls Down

3 to 5pm – I am from Many Worlds Culmination

Thursday – 9th Culmination/Sophomore Solo/Junior Walls Down

Question of Conscience Culmination (12-2:30 at UNE)

PATHS Celebration (Graduation) – 6 to 8pm, Merrill

Friday – Sophomore Solo/Junior Walls Down/Last Day of Senior Classes

TST – in place of X Block (Senior Class meeting)


June 2nd – CBHS Plant Sale at King

June 5th – Physics Interviews

June 6th – Senior Awards Assembly

June 7th-8th – Sophomore Passage

June 7th – Graduation

June 8th – Abaya Celebration (8 to 9pm)

June 12 – Budget vote

June 12 – Please come to the gala premiere of the juniors' documentary film 199 Miles: Stories from the Katahdin Region. The screening is Tuesday June 12th at 5:30pm at Hannaford Hall at USM.

ELL students (and parents) - Wednesday June 13th from 2:30 - 3:30 in the Make It Happen Room

Come meet Floreka Malual, a college planning advisor from the Financial Authority of Maine (FAME) who works to help immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers understand how to navigate and pay for higher education. You will learn about the FREE counseling services provided, the Next Gen Maine 529 College Savings Plan as well as application support and scholarships.

Eid is likely Friday, June 15th. Unfortunately, all of the snow days means that it is also the first day of Final Assessments (Bk1 and Bk 2). We know many of our Muslim students will be (excused) absent for one day to celebrate Eid. Participating students can plan to use the Make-Up time on Monday and Tuesday to do what they miss on Friday. Talk to your Bk 1 and Bk 2 teachers if you have any questions.

June 15 – Final Assessments begin (Bk 1 and Bk 2)