CBHS Parent Newsflash 2-8-21
CBHS Parent Newsflash 2-8-21

Headline News

Thanks to everyone who joined us for conferences last week. We hope you found them as beneficial as we did. 


Next some important news to share that is both devastating and joyous. The CBHS office staff, Deb Kierstead,  Sandra Davis and Gloria Leberman have all decided to retire following the school year this summer. These three fabulous women have been indispensable and incredible in their contributions to the success of our community. Deb, of course, is one of our founding members and has always epitomized the best of CBHS - which is essential since, for many families, she is the first and best contact at CBHS…. Sandra worked her IC/data magic for us after already earning a spot in the PPS Hall of Fame…. Gloria’s shared her interpersonal excellence and professionalism with us after a career in law offices….

I know you will also join me in celebrating their decisions to retire. They have each most definitely earned it. The three women have kindly given their notice now so that CBHS has plenty of time to figure the impossible: how do we staff our office without Deb. Sandra and Gloria. Fortunately, this year we have a lot of experience in taking on the impossible :) 

Cougar Kudos to all of the student performers who crushed it at Casco Bay’s Got Talent on Friday night: Charlotte, Dylan, Finn, Alain, Amber, Josaphat, Basma and Cisco - and muchas gracias tambien  to Ms. Lynch Nichols (and daughter), Mr Zickler and Mr. Hale - and our alumni performers Yifu and Sydney.  (If you missed it, watch for the recording soon.) 


Senior crews will begin their Winter Quest this week with day-long winter adventures with Rippleeffect, starting with Shibles Crew today and McCray Crew on Thursday.


Ski Club will have its first outing on Wednesday.

Depart CBHS: Wednesday 2pm.  Please show up a little early so we can leave on time.

Depart Shawnee Peak:  7:30pm

Arrive back to CBHS:  Around 8:30pm


This Thursday night - February 11th - Junior College Night (6pm) - FMI and link here.

Reminder Parents of 8th Graders: Commitment forms for members of the Class of 2025 are due to CBHS by this  Friday, February 12th. Siblings of current 9th-11th graders (only) are guaranteed a spot so families can stay together, but even in this case, you still need to turn in a form. Thanks!

Reminder: Thanks to the parent group that has been supporting our families who've requested help and assistance when one or more family members test positive for COVID 19. This help can range from food deliveries to support in completing necessary errands while quarantining. If you would like to be a part of the PAG Cares group, please contact Andy or Shay at chair@cbhsfamily.org


Student Announcements for the Week are here

Help Wanted

Our junior class is conducting research on a variety of economic, social and environmental public policy topics. We are in need of volunteers who might be willing to assist our students by serving as panelists for the students for their public policy proposal presentations between 12pm and 3pm on Thursday, March 4 and Friday, March 5.

The plan is to set up multiple Zoom meetings to connect panels of adult experts with student presenters. Students will share and narrate their presentations (between 6 and 12 minutes in time) and take any questions or invite discussion following the presentation. Then panelists would be asked to share feedback for each presentation via email to the teacher. 

It is our connection with the community that makes this project such a unique and valuable experience for our students. Please consider taking the time to serve as a panelist for our students. If you can serve please respond and indicate which day (either Mar 4 or 5) works best for you and we will accommodate.  

Thank you for taking the time to consider.


 Steph Doane at doanes@portlandschools.org


Help Wanted: Yarn Donations sought for Advanced Art students: It can be any amount of worsted weight wool (the three Ws of the yarn world.) 



March 5th - CBHS Game Night

March 12th - End of Winter Trimester