CBHS Parent Newsflash 10-15-19
CBHS Parent Newsflash 10-15-19

Headline News
Thanks to PAG for awarding nearly $6K to support 10 different innovative teacher grants at last week's meeting! Our next PAG meeting will be on November 12th at 5:30pm. All are welcome.
Our 9th-11th graders will be taking the PSAT's a week from Wed. October 16th, so we will be looking for healthy breakfast donations to help our students do their best (bagels, orange juice. etc.). Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. 
Fall trimester Progress Reports grades will be viewable via Infinite Campus on Thursday.
Our Arts and Music Fest will be Saturday, November 16th from 10am-2pm. Save the date and spread the word. See the attached flyer!

November 4 at Casco Bay High School, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Exploring Wabanaki- Maine History by Wabanaki Reach. Here’s the link to the flyer.

Sophomores and juniors: If you would like to be the CBHS Representative to the School Board, please see Mr. Pierce to get your nomination papers. Nomination papers need to be completed and returned by October 25th to get on the ballot. See Mr Pierce or Joseph FMI.


Courageous Conversation Facilitator Training- 10/22

Picture Day - 10/24

Courageous Conversation - 10/24

Sophomore Team-Building Day at Fort Williams - 10/25

Halloween Dance - October 25th

Grades Close for Danger Reports - 11/1

Student-Led Conferences - 11/6 and 11/7

CBHS Fall Musical: The Little Shop of Horrors - 11/8 and 11/9

Select Student Announcements

Sophomores and juniors: If you would like to be the CBHS Representative to the School Board, please see Mr. Pierce to get your nomination papers. Nomination papers need to be completed and returned by October 25th to get on the ballot. See Mr Pierce or Joseph FMI.

Mr. Cain, our computer technician will be in his office the following hours this week: today: 11:00 to 1:00 and Thursday 10:30 to 12:30

9th-11th Graders: PSAT reminders: Get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast and arrive by 7:45. Bring 2 pencils and a calculator (It does not have to be a fancy one.)  Also, bring breakfast food to share if you can. CBHS parents will be hosting a breakfast for test-takers(only) in the Great Space starting at 7:30am and ending at 7:55am. 

If you are a senior and planning on receiving the STEM endorsement, you should have received an email from Ms. Natarajan over the weekend.  If you did not, please check in with her during lunch on Tuesday or via email this week.   Juniors, please wait until November to email me.


Reminder: Our first Courageous Conversation will take place a week from Thursday, 10/24. Please choose your student facilitators for the year. 

Seeds of Peace Alums: Can you help train our new batch of Courageous Conversation student facilitators in core facilitation skills a week from today during Acad? Please see Mr. Pierce or Mr. Shibles. 

Be Accountable (Civic Accountability) - Handbook Reminder of the Week

The “Respect for Individuals” Section

Respect, at a minimum, means an environment free from harassment. Harassment is conduct or speech which is unwelcome, intimidating, derogatory, hostile and/or offensive, and which unreasonably interferes with a student’s ability to learn or a staff member’s ability to work. Any student who believes that he/she or another student has been harassed is encouraged to bring this to the attention of a teacher or administrator.  Bullying, cyber-bullying, and hazing are forms of harassment. Harassment may be student-to-student, staff-to-student, student-to-staff, or staff-to-staff. Harassment may be offensive to a person for variety of reasons, including his or her gender, race, ethnic background, religion, age, sexual orientation, ability, or disability.


Sexual harassment is harassment which is of a sexual nature. This can include a range of behaviors including sexual insults and name-calling, off-color jokes, intimidation by words or actions, offensive touching, and pressure for sexual activity. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex includes pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence, such as rape, sexual assault and sexual coercion. Title IX also requires that equal opportunity in athletics be provided. Please contact a school counselor, a school administrator or the district’s Title IX coordinator, Richard Moore (874-8100), should you have any Title IX questions or concerns.

Harassing behavior is subject to disciplinary consequences up to and including expulsion. It may also be grounds for legal action or referral to the police. All of us need to work for a school that is free of harassment of any kind. If you or someone you care about is being harassed in any of the ways described above, please let a staff member know. 

What does Civic Accountability look like in hallway between classes?   

Thanks to all of the crew that had suggestions for improving hallway transitions and behaviors. Here’s a sampling of what  crews said...

Student should be able to get themselves to class on time without being prompted by a supervisor/other student 

Wrap up conversations and just get to class. 

 If you want to talk to your friends, please do so during lunch or before or after school. It's really bothersome to everyone else who is trying to get to class on time.

If you need to talk to your friends between classes, walk and talk. 

Keep friend interactions quick, "hi!...see you at lunch :)"

Be mindful of your body in space

Be kind and respectful to adults when you are asked to head to class.  

"I think it's helpful if teachers give reminders, but it should be framed positively. People shouldn't feel punished"

"I think the best solution is to encourage people to stand in places that aren't in the way (of bathrooms, stairs, hallways, doorways, )"

Cabinet will continue to monitor this issue and will get back with some concrete recommendations.

Juniors and Seniors: Do you want to get in shape during Acad? Earn some PE credit? See Ms. Koharian to find out how. 

College Visits This Week

Tuesday, October 15

11:30 - Bard College

  2:00 - U of Maine Augusta

Wednesday, October 16

11:30 - Marlboro College

Thursday, October 17

8am Wentworth

11:30 - St. Lawrence University

 1:30 - Dean College

 2:00 - Saint Michael’s College

Friday, October 18

12:00 - University of Maine at Farmington


Upcoming School Meetings


Host Crew


Set Up Crew

Small Green Act



Be Accountable (Academic Accountability)





Work Ethically



Tuesday - 9th Grade Fieldwork - A Day

8-9am - 9th Grade in Great Space. The 9th Grade will be in Angola, Burundi and China for the rest of their fieldwork today.  


Acad -Class photographers will meet briefly with Ms. Norton in the Great Space today at noon. 

The junior and senior HS Quiz Show teams will compete for the right to represent CBHS in the Great Space during Acad today. If you want to participate in the school Quiz Show but do not have a team, please come anyway and we will form a team, if possible.

As part of our expanded Friday Food Program at Casco Bay, we will have a new delivery of produce from the Locker Project on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Our first one is today.  So all are invited to 'come to the table' and take some produce. We all need fresh food… 


Wednesday - 9-11 PSAT’s  

PSAT Breakfast in Great Space - 7:30-55am

Testing - AM - Grades 9-11

Grade 9 Lunch - 11:20-11:50 

Grade 10-12 Lunch - 11:55-12:25/Grade 9 Crew

Grade 10-12 Crew – 12:29 -12:51/Grade 9 Rehearsal

School Meeting for All – 12:55-1:30 (Hale Host: Be Accountable/Haar Set-up)



BK 4 - 8:00-9:14

Bk 5 - 9:18-10:32

Bk 6 - 10:36-11:50

(then 10-12 schedule above) 

 Senior Room Shifts During PSATs

Library - Bk 4 - Spanish ⅘, Bk 5 - AP Lit, Bk 6 - French 4-5

Russia - Senior Math - Bk 4 and Bk 5 - Burke (Coding + Pre-Calc and Coding + Jr/Sr Alg)

Cuba - 11/12 Supported Study BK 4, ELL Supported Stufy BK 5,  and Mr. Zickler’s Supported Study Bk 6


Thursday - Progress Report Grades viewable on Infinite Campus

 Acad - Team 10 in Great Space for Guest Speaker


Financial Aid Night with Bill Smith (for seniors and their families) –  Oct 17 from 6-8pm

Friday - Math team will be held on Friday as usual in Canada with Mr. Burke. 

Cabinet - 2:45

Outing Club to Acadia - 3pm


Sat - 9am-noon - SMCC Open House



The sophomores will be hosting the Halloween Dance a week from Friday, October 25th. Tickets will go  on sale next week - $5 in advance and $8 at the door. The dance will feature great student DJs, a photo booth, games, a dance contest and prizes for the best costumes (scariest, most creative, goofiest, best character, best duo and best group), To ensure this dance is fun and safe for everyone (students and chaperones) and to make sure every CBHS student can attend without over-crowding, there will be no guests permitted at the Halloween Dance. If all goes well with the Halloween dance,  students on fall trimester HOWL honor roll will be able to bring a guest to the juniors’ dance scheduled for December (which has historically drawn fewer CBHS students). All money raised from this dance will go to support groups that support local immigrants as part of the sophomores’ “Beyond Borders” expedition. Get those costumes ready.


Sophomore India Jenkins is leading a school-wide drive to donate warm clothes to new Mainers until October 25th, a week from this Friday. We need: hats, gloves/mittens, scarves, jackets and boots - for all ages - as well as snow-pants for kids. Place any donated items in the shopping cart outside the 2nd floor kitchen. Please contact India FMI.