CBHS Parent Newsflash 9-29-14
CBHS Parent Newsflash 9-29-14
Posted on 09/29/2014
Headline News

O’Toole Award Update: The depth and breadth of support for Casco Bay has been amazing! With one day remaining, we have over 6000 votes, and we still have the lead that we first gained during that school meeting a few weeks back. Thanks to all so many of you have done to get out the vote, especially Maryanne Lloyd and Jane Wellehan who have led the CBHS parent efforts. Voting ends (finally) tomorrow, Tuesday, at noon.

The seniors should be dropped off at the Maine State Pier – will all of their gear – tomorrow by 7:15am for the launch of Quest! They will return about 12:30pm on Friday.

The sophomores have a day of field work and team-building from 9am to 6pm on Thursday. (Those with sports commitments will be back earlier.)

The juniors will be having their “summit on the summit” on Pleasant Mountain this Friday. They will return about 3:30.


College Essay Launch – 10/6

Senior Kick-Off – 10/8

Grades Close for Progress Reports – 10/10 (No PATHS)

Picture Day – 10/14

PSAT’s – 10/15

Fall Moth – 10/17

Crews: Reminder: Your Crew Pathway canvas should be completed by October 17th.

Parent Help Needed

Parent Involvement and Leadership Sought: PAG Chair or Co-Chair. We also need a new parent rep to the Cabinet, one of our key decision-making bodies. Cabinet meets from 2:15-3:15 most Friday afternoons.

Contact Derek FMI

Volunteers Needed for Crafts Fair: We are in the beginning of organizing our CBHS’s 6th annual Craft Fair which will be held on Saturday November 22nd, from 9am-2pm. Many anticipated events, such as the famous “cookie walk” and “silent auctions”, are going to be included again this year. It is sure to be loads of fun for all. In order to make this a great community event CRAFT FAIR VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! lots of them!

To volunteer please email volunteer coordinator Katherine Devine devineyoga@gmail.com or phone her at 812-6424.

Faculty Wishlist

As your new Wishlist Coordinator I have been granted the power to let each and every one of you become a Fairy God Mother or Father — wave your magic wand and make a wish come true! Below and attached is the (quite small) Wishlist with requests from CBHS teachers and staff.  Let’s grant every one of these wishes for our dedicated faculty.

Please do what you can. Email me what wish you are going to grant and put items in the Wishlist Box in the Great Space labeled with the name of the ‘Wisher’ (if there is one). Voila! If you need help getting something to someone I would be glad to assist in whatever way I can. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your powerful role as much as I am enjoying mine.

Amy Thompson ( omemama at yahoo.com)

Wishlist Coordinator CBHS


Tissues, earphone, hand sanitizer, sharpies – Heidi Cameron

Colored pencils, pencils, tissues – Peg Richard

5 Copies of When We Were the Kennedy’s  – Sarah Welch

Snowshoes – Scott Shibles

Batteries size AA, AAA – office

Staples gift cards for low-income students

Computer speakers, power strips, audio/video equipment (cords etc.) – Nathan Nichols

Socks for wet feet – Nurse

Lots of Tissues – Alberto Morales

Drill with cord – Anne Loughlin

Whiteboard markers – Sarah Welch

Dice, protractors, pencils, pencil sharpener – Helen Weigel


300 index cards

Pens, pencils, folders, snacks, notebooks, planners, good reads — Mary Ellen Randall

White men’s dress shirts (for costumes) – Peg Richard

Calculators for PSAT/SATs – Michael Hale

Lots of colored markers — Susan McCray

3 Hole punch, Whiteboard markers — Nancy Hagstrom

Cardboard boxes

Scotch tape refills – Alberto Morales

Laminator, pens, folders, tissues – Leslie Appelbaum

Mini whiteboards and whiteboard markers


 Library parent – Leslie Applebaum

Main Office support parent – Deb Kierstead and Michael Hale

Select Student Announcements

8 colleges are visiting today! Check them out in the College Cave (formerly Shibles’ and Doyle’s office off of the Great Space)

Thanks to Marta, Nate and Sophie for being willing to serve as the interim CBHS School Board representative. Congrats to Sophie for winning the election.

Mr Pierce is seeking a Class Journalist and Photographer at each grade level to report grade level news and photographs for the school newsletter which comes out about 6 times a year. (This is different from The Compass, the student newspaper.) See him to tell your class’s story.

The Vocal Ensemble and House Band will continue to launch this week in the mornings before school with Ms. Stubbs in the PATHS music room (7am to 7:40am). Ms. Stubbs knows some students busses arrive later, but come as soon as you can. The vocal ensemble will meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The House Band will meet Wednesdays and Fridays at the same time. Participating students are expected to attend each session and perform publicly with the group. Arts credits can be earned. All are welcome.

Interested in Big Brothers Big Sisters? Sign up at lunch on Tuesday in the lunch checkout area before heading to crew lunch.

Wednesday – 1:05 Dismissal

Wed Hagstrom Crew – School Meeting – Pathways: Be Well

On Deck (and doing Recycling Promotion duty starting this Wednesday – Burke Crew (Be Accountable).


PATHS College Fair – CBHS students are welcome to attend during lunch – or with their crew advisor.

Crew After Lunch – Soph Expedition Kick-off in Great Space

Cabinet Proposal Update: Changing Back to Room Numbers

Most crews provided feedback that was largely mixed about this room proposal. There was a recognition that a number system could be clearer for many, especially visitors, newcomers and emergency folks. But many like the “fun” in the current system and how it made our community feel more distinct and inclusive; some also found it easier to remember country names than numbers. The idea of having “both” room numbers and a country name was common in the feedback. Eventually the Cabinet approved an amended proposal:

We will use both room numbers and country names for classrooms (except for where neither is needed: eg: Art Room, Library and Main Office).

We will re-order (and post) the room numbers in a sensible way, similar to what Ms. Teller suggested.

Cabinet will create signs with maps at the entrance to each continent to help guide folks. We will post floor maps at strategic places.

Cabinet will re-do clearer signs outside each classroom which indicates teachers and courses.

In the Community

UNE and the Telling Room are hosting a storytelling night this Wednesday (6 to 8pm, Ludcke Auditorium). The theme for the stories is racial microaggression. The goals of the evening are to deepen participants’ understanding of what microaggressions feel like and create a community of people that feel safe talking about these issues. Contact Lori powerdirtgirl@gmail.com FMI or if you would like to tell a story.

Medical Explorer Open House – Wednesday, October 1 (5:30 – 6:30) – at Maine Med (Dana Auditorium). FMI: marlel@mmc.org. This program is open to high school students ages 15 – 20 who are or may be interested in medicine as a career.

Join Teen Trendsetters. This program allows middle school or high school students the opportunity to be reading mentors to 1st, 2nd or 3rd graders. FMI Jaclyn D’Annibale jdannibale@une.edu

If you would like to volunteer to be an elf for the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad’s “Polar Express,” see Mr. Hale or Ms. Doyle for an application.