CBHS Parent Newsflash 10-27-14
CBHS Parent Newsflash 10-27-14
Posted on 10/27/2014
                                                        Headline News

Congrats to the sophomores for raising about $2000 for their expedition Africa Rising at Friday’s dance.

If you have not yet done so, please contact your child’s crew advisor to sign up for a fall conference time – November 12 and 13th.

9th Culmination This Wednesday

1) 9am-10am Part 1 of Culmination – 9th Grade Friends and Families Welcome!

It will start in the Great Space and then move to 9th Crew Spaces

2) School Meeting – Part 2 of Culmination – for CBHS Students and Staff

Our juniors will be hosting a “Haunted Walk” for “all ages” pre-Halloween 4:30-6:30, in the woods behind CBHS-PATHS this Wednesday 10-29. The event will be a fundraiser for our Junior Journey, the service and documentary project which our junior class undertakes each year. (For instance, last year’s juniors helped re-build homes ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in Queens – and created documentaries about locals whose lives were severely impacted by the storm.) Please share the attached flyer as appropriate.

Juniors will be sharing their “Air Up There” newscasts with East End 5th graders on Thursday at 9am – and then heading to the Portland Public Library for their kick-off of public policy work. On Friday they head to Augusta for related field work.

CBHS Night at The Nosh Kitchen Bar - Tuesday, November 11th (Veteran’s Day). Between the hours of 4:30 and 9:00pm. Diners who mention CBHS will earn the school 10% of the bill. Thanks to Paul Conley for orchestrating this.


Panel on Sustainability with Russian Students – 11/3

Flu Clinic – 11/4

Soccerfest – 11/6

STEM Symposium – 11/10

Veteran’s Day – 11/11

Conferences -11/12 and 11/13

CBHS Make-a-thon – 11/14

Parent Help Needed

Parent Involvement and Leadership Sought: PAG Chair or Co-Chair …. Contact Derek FMI

From Peg Richard: I have three advanced art students who are creating a giant sculpture (an 8 foot figure) and need paper bags to paper mache it. If you have any paper bags floating around the house, we would love it if you could donate them to the project. Many thanks, Peg, Matt, Peter and Zach

Project Graduation Fundraisers

1) The Senior Class at Portland’s Casco Bay High School is taking orders for FRESH CITRUS FRUIT to raise money for Project Graduation. These boxes of Florida navel oranges and red grapefruit will be delivered in early- to mid-December, so they are perfect for holiday gifts for friends, families, and clients.

Seniors will have order forms this week for the sale. You can order via one of the seniors (or us) using cash or check; or order with a credit card on the web. You can also order on the web for shipment to anywhere in the US. Students are returning their order forms with payment by November 10. The online (credit card) order deadline is Friday, November 14th.

For web orders for payment with a credit card (plus a $1 fee), go to:

Then click on ‘Order Now’ and enter 771022 in the Organization ID box.

We are selling:

10 lb. boxes of oranges (14-20 pieces) $21
10 lb. boxes of red grapefruit (8-10 pieces) $21
10 lb. box of oranges and red grapefruit $21
20 lb. box of oranges (24-40 pieces) $29
20 lb. box of red grapefruit (16-24 pieces) $29
20 lb. box of oranges and red grapefruit $29

Fruit will arrive at Casco Bay High School in early to mid-December. We will notify everyone when the fruit is arriving via email so you can come to the school and pick it up. Typically, we get 24 hours notice of delivery. If you cannot come and pick up the fruit, contact us to make arrangements for a delivery. But please try your best to come and pick up the fruit.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Also, PLEASE pass the word around at work and to friends.

Many thanks!

Lauren Goldsmith and Tom Tero

email: lgoldsmi@maine.rr.com

Phone: 828-4823

2) Shop to benefit Fair Trade & Casco Bay High School’s Class of 2015 Project Graduation!

Karen Burnell of Karma Fair Trade has graciously offered to give a 5.5% discount and a 5% donation to CBHS Project Graduation to EVERYONE who shops and asks that the sale of their purchase benefit CBHS Project Graduation. She’d rather spend her “marketing budget” as a contribution to our kids than any other way – therefore the money will go on to do more good!

Its such a win-win situation because we will be:

~supporting a local community business,
~raising awareness about many forms of human trafficking,
~buying quality handmade items crafted with ethically sourced materials by fairly paid artisans, ~receiving a 5.5% discount personally,
~while returning 5% of your purchase directly to our CBHS community to help fund Project Graduation for our amazing seniors!
Further, this fundraising opportunity will be gifted to the next graduating class – and each class after that! So we can shop year round, year-after-year supporting our local economy, purchasing fairly traded products, and earning money for our own school community! Its SO EASY…Simply tell your friends and family to tell Karen they want their purchases to benefit CBHS Project Graduation – they ‘ll save 5.5% immediately, and 5% will be tracked and given to us closer to Project Graduation!
Karma Fair Trade L3C:

570 Brighton Ave, Portland, Me 04102 Tuesday – Saturday 11am-6pm
207- 831- 4531  contactus at karmafairtrade.com

Craft Fair

Here is another ‘shout out’ to all you who are contemplating volunteering for our upcoming craft fair in November !!! We need all hands “on deck” to ensure that we have a successful and profitable event!! Loads of great vendors and volunteers have signed up already but we still have some slots to be filled!! This week we are looking for an outgoing individual who can assist Kim Crabill the day of the show to greet and assist vendors as they come in to set up. If you are interested in being that person please email Kim at CBHSCraftFair@gmail.com

How, you may ask, do I volunteer for this great and worthwhile event? ITS EASY!! Simply click on the very long google docs link below to access to the sign up sheet for any number of our amazing volunteer opportunities including donations of food and baked goods. Remember: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” -Aesop- . https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AppV0vCYXdysdFdsVkxMSXV4WnpGenAwblBsTlcxMGc&usp=sharing_eid#gid=2

Select Student Announcements

Sophomores and Juniors: Casco Bay High School needs a new Student Representative to the School Board. Sophie VanDerburgh’s interim tenure ends in December. (She is also eligible for the new term.) School Board reps must be able to attend meetings on Tuesday nights. The deadline for declaring your candidacy is this Friday at 8am. Interested candidates must submit a form with 25 signatures by the deadline. Signature forms are available outside Mr. Pierce’s office. An election will be held next Tuesday. See Mr. Pierce for more details.

New CBHS Communication Team: Jane Feinstein, a former Communications Director for Boston Public Schools and a Nellie Mae Consultant will be facilitating a seminar on communicating school redesign called “Shaping Our Future Together.” Each HS has been asked to create a communication team of about 2 adults and 4 students to participate. There will be 3 days of training: 12/2, 2/5 and 3/14. If you are interested in learning more and representing CBHS on our communications team, let Mr. Pierce know.

All high schools throughout Maine are invited to participate in the JA Titan Challenge on Wednesday, February 11, 2015. What is the JA Titan Challenge? The JA Titan Challenge is an exciting, business competition involving teams of  three students from Maine high schools and volunteers from the business community. Each three-student team is paired with a business mentor who helps guide the team through the decision-making process as they compete against other teams in several rounds of competition (all during school hours.) Schools can bring up to five teams. Once you have your 3 person team, see Mr. Pierce to sign up.

Juniors and Seniors: We will be offering two new SMCC courses at CBHS in the second semester, for both HS and college credit: Introduction to Sociology and Introduction to International Relations. Both courses will begin in January, after intensives. See Mr. Hale or Ms. Doyle FMI or to sign up.

Monday: A Day – 9th Grade Vision Screening in Library

TST – 9th Grade Culmination Prep/Sr’s Pick Their Class Ring Word (in Library)

12 – Roanoke College

Tonight Neverland is performing at One Longfellow Square at 6 pm in celebration of the 18th anniversary party for A Company of Girls, a non profit after school mentorship program that promotes empowerment for girls through theatre and visual arts. Tickets are $20 and all proceeds goes towards programming; however A Co. of Girls welcomes CBHS students to attend at a student price of $10. In addition to Neverland, there will be theatrical performances by A Co. of Girl members, as well as appetizers and desserts.

Tuesday - 12 – UMF Visits

Acad: 9th Grade Culmination Rehearsal

Wednesday 9th Grade Culmination!

9am – Whitman College

9-10am – Culmination, Pt 1 to Families

School Meeting – 9th Culmination to School Community

4:30-6:30 – Haunted Walk

ThursdayAir Up There Culmination/West VA Visitors

Juniors will be sharing their “Air Up There” newscasts with East End 5th graders on Thursday AM – and then heading to the PPL for their kick-off of public policy. Please welcome 5 educators from an Expeditionary Learning school in West Virginia who will be visiting Thursday.

Friday - Crew at End of Day

Pathway Canvases are due; do the best you can. Freshmen Crews are given an extension given their culmination.

Grade 11 to Augusta

Opening of Crew – Welcome Visiting Students from Our Sister City in Russia

2:15 – Cabinet

Reminder: We will once again have the Portland Pirates intensive. (This time in Portland!). CBHS nights will January 23rd, and this year for the first time, a CBHS students (or students) will be able to sing the National Anthem before the game. See Mr. Pierce if you are interested in learning more.

Seniors: Be sure to check Naviance at least 1x a week