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CBHS Summer Intensive Courses

CBHS Summer Intensives Schedule

Official Summer School Sign Up Form Questions? Email:



JUNE 26th - AUGUST 4th (6 Weeks)

Course Offering


Each intensive course= .5 UPs


June 26-30



AM = 9am-12pm


PM = 12:30pm-3:30pm


 - The 21st Century

English or Social Studies Credit AM (Croft)

 - Sophomore Algebra Credit Recovery AM (Meahl)


- Reading Science Fiction English PM (Croft)

- JR Algebra Credit Recovery PM

- Geometry Credit Recovery PM 


July 5/6/7


9am-3pm for 3 days


Closed July 3 & 4 Holiday


- English ALL DAY 9am-3pm

Landscapes of Me, Landscapes of We…… (Thompson)



July 10-14



AM = 9am-12pm


PM = 12:30pm-3:30pm


- Health Mental Health, Stigma and Leadership  (eSBee) AM


- Social Studies: The Intersection of Politics, Art, and Music  (Zickler) PM



July 17-21



AM = 9am-12pm


PM = 12:30pm-3:30pm


OR Lake Eco Course Only


- Visual Art Digital Art (Tanzi) AM


- English The City Speaks…. (Regan) PM


- Lake Ecology Maine Lakes 

7:30-5:00 JULY 18/19/20


July 24-28




AM = 9am-12pm


PM = 12:30pm-3:30pm


- Science Marine Ecology (Flavin)AM


- Math or Art Credit Origami - (Burke) AM


- PE Fitness Fun-damentals - 

(Jack & Esme)  PM Course


-ELA Summer Start Up - For Incoming 9th (Herlihy & Dodons) PM  (and 9am-3pm on Thursday, no class Friday)


July 31-Aug 4




PM 12:00-3pm


Geometry Start Up - For Incoming 9th (Sample) - PM


CBHS Summer 2023 Intensive Course Descriptions

(for rising 10th-12th graders)

*See the next section for offerings for rising 9th graders. 



Math UPs Recovery Did you come close to meeting standards in math this year? Would you pass that assessment if you got a second chance to study? Math workshop is the place for you! Complete missing assignments & assessments and recover the math credit you lost.


Geometry Summer UPs Recovery  - June 28/29/30 12:30pm-3:30pm  (Ms. Holbrook) 

Rising 11th Grade Summer UPs Recovery-  June 28/29/30  9:00am-12:00pm(Mr. Jack Meahl)

Rising 12th Grade Summer UPs Recovery-  June 28/29/30 9:00am - 12:00pm (Mr. Jack Meahl)


UPs earned for Math UPs Recovery will depend on remaining unmet standards.

 (By invitation only. Please talk to your math teacher if you think this option is right for you)


Origami July  24-28  (Mr. Burke)9am-12:00pm  .5 UPs (this course can be  Math or Art UPs) 

Yes. You are going to fold paper. Yes. You are going to create objects of beauty. But this isn't your grandmother's origami. Origami is cutting edge science. Along with learning the basics of folding, we will explore the latest applications to science and engineering. In the end, it is all about symmetry. This is very modern geometry.


Visual Art

Digital Art and Design July 17-21st   9am-12pm .5UPs Art (Tanzi)

In Digital Art, we will learn how animators and designers today use computers to create artwork! We will investigate how we can make our own business cards, logo designs, and even try animation! All of this work can be done on your school computer. Turn your computer skills and artistic talents into a 21st century career!


Health and Wellness

Mental Health, Stigma and Leadership July 10-14th   9am-12:00pm(eSBee) .5 UPs (Health)

There are currently countless laws around the country and in Maine trying to prevent students from learning about themselves, accurate history, and how this affects our health, our lives, and our communities. So let’s learn about others, ourselves, and how to be better every day in our world. We’ll also learn about how stigma and shame has affected generations and communities struggles with mental health (including suicide and self harm), and how to figure out the healthiest ways of navigating our lives. We will do research, challenge our views, support one another, and create innovative projects to share our learnings with the community in ways that best fit where we have come from and where we want to go.  


Fitness FUNdamentals July 24-28 12:30-3:30pm  (Jack and Esme) .5 UPs (PE)

This class will have you learning about getting active, improving endurance, lifestyle changes and creating your own fitness program. You will try different activities, sports and exercise adventures throughout the week…. And it's with Jack and Esme… what could be better?!


Social Studies 

The Intersection of Politics, Art, and Music .5 UPs 

 July 10-14 12:30-3:30PM (Mr. Zickler)

This class will look at events and eras of political consequence and some of the art and music created in response to, or as a part of  them. Historical topics will include the WWII, The Civil Rights Era, Vietnam and Kent State, Black Lives Matter, and #me too. 


The Twentieth Century June 26-30   .5 UPs 9:00am-12:00pm (Mr. Croft)                      This course can be Social Studies or English UPs

Understanding global events can be confusing. Why did Putin invade Ukraine? What are the roots of the conflict in Sudan? But history can help us come to a better understanding of why these events happen. In this course, we will start by looking at the past 100 years to discover the roots behind the events we hear about in the news. You’ll navigate the complex factors that led to both the First and Second World Wars, the horrors of the Holocaust, and the aftermath that even today has us asking how we can avoid repeating such deadly events. We’ll also explore the global struggle between the capitalist United States and the communist Soviet Union. Importantly, we’ll look at how colonized nations sought independence from the empires who ruled them, and how the world’s superpowers saw their struggle as an opportunity to oppose each other.Most importantly, we will look at these events and ask whether or not their causes still exist, unresolved. How else do we stop it from happening again?



Reading Science Fiction June 26-30  .5UPs 12:30-3:30 (Mr. Croft)

What’s going to happen in the future? Will the environmental issues we see happening continue to get worse? Will there be another, even more traumatic pandemic? Will we finally find out whether or not humans are alone in the universe? These are fascinating questions, and one of the best ways to think seriously about the future is to read science fiction. Great science fiction asks us to consider a variety of potential futures and the role of humans in making the world better or worse. Throughout the course, we will delve into a variety of classic and contemporary science fiction works, analyzing their themes, literary techniques, and social commentary. By studying great science fiction authors and their works, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the genre's evolution and its impact on our society and culture.


Landscapes of Me, Landscapes of We….. July 5/6/7th  from 9am-3:00pm  (Thompson) 

.5 UPs (English) Please note this is a 3 day ALL Day course

Come explore new internal and external terrains. What do you notice first in a new landscape?  What draws your attention?  Does that reveal anything about your internal landscape? Can you get curious about the intersection of your external and internal landscapes?  In this course we will learn sensory awareness techniques of observation and movement to practice deep listening and share our experiences through dramatic (and unusual) storytelling.  Be prepared to get goofy, quiet, dirty  and deep. This class requires some bravery and ruggedness as we walk and talk the truth of where we are, right here, right now.


The City Speaks July 17-21 from 12:30-3:30pm (Regan) .5 English UPs

Ever moved to a new place and had questions? 

Like: What is City Hall for? Where do I get food assistance? What day is trash pick up? Do I have to separate my recycling? Where can kids/teens hang out? What is there to do? What if I have to contact the police for a non-emergency? In this intensive, we will explore the city of Portland’s community and municipal departments in order to create informative brochures for New Mainers. Brochures will be printed in color, translated into multiple languages and distributed throughout the community. Students will develop interview skills, volunteer time at each department, conduct research, strengthen functional writing skills and serve their community. Once students have honed their communication skills, they will generate their own polished resume, including these strong skills and volunteer time. 



Lake Ecology - July 18/19/20th  - 7:30am-5pm (Off-site, in Bridgton)

Read more here Lake Ecology 

Transportation to and from Bridgton will be provided daily. The bus leaves CBHS daily at 7:30 and will be back to CBHS by 5pm.  Free lunches are available for students. Please sign up with Mrs. Hampton as well ( 10 spots available.)  


Marine Ecology July 24-28  - 9am-12:30pm (Flavin) .5 Science UPs

In this hands-on field based course, students will visit different local marine ecosystems around Portland. Students will take a closer look at the habitats and species that live in the Gulf of Maine. By investigating and handling live marine animals, students will better understand their role in the ecosystem and how we as humans are impacting them. Be prepared to get your hands a little dirty and your feet wet!


 CBHS Summer 2023 Intensive Course Descriptions

(for rising 9th graders)


New this year! We will have Math and English courses available for our incoming 9th grade students this summer. Do you feel your child needs a jump start into high school curriculum? Sign them up for this summer opportunity! 

Each class will earn a .5 UPs (credit) towards graduation! 


ELA Summer Start Up (July 24-27) (.5 English UPs)

12-3pm MTW at CBHS and 9am-3pm on Thursday the 27th for off-site field work.

All 4 days of attendance are mandatory/No partial credit for missed or late days. Be on time! 

This class will focus on reading, writing, critical thinking, and speaking skills. In addition to increasing student literacy, the class will help improve students’ organizational skills and will help students transition to Casco Bay High School. We will work on summer reading requirements, and get a jump start on future skills needed to complete Humanities English 9 successfully. 


Geometry Summer Start Up (July 31- Aug 4) (.5 Math UPs)12:00-3:00pm at CBHS

All 5 days of attendance is mandatory/No partial credit for missed or late days. Be on time! 

Does Geometry really matter? Will I ever use it again? The answer is….of course! In this course we will focus on integrating the concepts of geometry into our daily lives and surroundings. The word "geometry" comes from the Greek words "geo" meaning "earth" and "metron" meaning "measure." Therefore, geometry is the measurement of the earth…. We will have fun exploring our environment and learning about our geography through the lens of geometry! 


No transportation provided - It's a great time to try out the METRO before school starts!

Class of 2027 families: to sign up for either course above or if you have questions, please email


Also - please don't forget about our new Summer Bridge Program for the Class of 2027.

August 23 and 24 from 9am-2pm!

We are hoping for ALL of our rising 9th graders to attend this CBHS orientation event!