Student Services

Block Seven

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and (sometimes) Friday, all students are encouraged to stay for Block Seven, from 2:30-3:30. This block is intended for students to use for extra help, “exceeds” work, quiet study, CBHS co-curricular activities or special events. Each teacher designates at least one set Block 7 a week to work with students. Students who stay for Block 7 may use the METRO or find their own transportation home.  If a student is not staying for one of the Block Seven activities listed above, s/he should take the bus or leave campus at 2:30.


Bus Transportation and Student ID's

All Portland high school students are eligible for free METRO bus transportation during the school year. In the hours before and after school, METRO busses will be running in both directions in a crosstown loop (Bus #9) that stops at all three high schools about every twenty minutes. Students are advised to plan the best route(s) ahead of time! Call METRO for advice (774-0351) or use the “trip planner” function on their home page ( to review options. The free app “Transit” can tell you precisely when the next bus will arrive at your stop. For students, Your Metro Pass = Your CBHS Student ID. If you need to replace it, please let our main office know. The first replacement is free; any subsequent replacement costs $5.



Some lockers are available for student use.  The locker is issued for student convenience, but a locker remains the property of the school department. Students may only use their assigned locker.  School administrators and other school department personnel, including teachers, have the authority to search student lockers and any items in the locker such as book bags and coats. Students will be held accountable for the condition and contents of their lockers. Only school padlocks are to be used on school lockers. These locks are available in the main office. Any non-school lock will be removed. A $5 deposit is required to rent a lock. This deposit is refundable at the end of the school year or upon graduation.


Lunch and Snacks

CBHS students are offered the same school lunch menu as other students in the district. Limited breakfast, snack, a la carte, salad bar and drink options are available to students. When the weather is appropriate and there is teacher supervision, students may eat outside in the front field or by the greenhouse. Otherwise, students eat inside, on the 2nd floor. Juniors and seniors may eat off-campus with permission. (See p 60.)


Frost and Mud Season School

As part of our commitment to do whatever it reasonably takes to help students meet rigorous, vital standards, we offer Frost School in December and Mud School in late March for eligible students to meet any remaining course standards - and earn credit - in a course (or two) from the first or second trimester, respectively.  Students in grades 9-12 are eligible for Frost School and Mud School, only if invited by a teacher, typically because of an “I” or a “2+” as an overall course grade at the end of a trimester, indicating that a student is close to meeting course standards, but has not yet done so.  Barring exceptional circumstances, students will be limited to attempting to meet standards in no more than two courses during that time frame.  These opportunities are free for students with a HOWL of “3” or an “I.” Since ample opportunities and time and help are offered within the trimester to meet the standards, eligible students who did not earn a HOWL of 3 will have to pay to participate: $25 per course. (Free and reduced lunch students will pay $5 per course.)  Frost School and Mud Season School are the ONLY times for eligible students to make up remaining standards from Trimester One and Trimester Two (excluding seniors who complete graduation contracts).


PPS Summer School and CBHS Summer Standards Intensives

Portland Public Schools offers summer school courses in English, math, social studies and science.  The courses run weekdays in July at a cost of approximately $100 per course ($50 for free lunch students).  In addition, CBHS has offered summer courses available to all students for either enrichment or remediation. 2018 summer offerings included science electives in Astronomy and GIS as well as a Math Workshop. Finally, CBHS offers six-hour Summer Standards Intensives in late June for students to complete remaining standards from the spring trimester (only). As with Frost and Mud School, students in grades 9-12 are eligible only if invited by a teacher, typically because of an “I” or a “2+” as an overall course grade at the end of the spring trimester, indicating that a student is close to meeting course standards, but has not yet done so. The intensive will provide individualized support for students as they complete remaining standards. Once students successfully complete their remaining standards, their intensive is finished.  Students may sign up for one, two or three Standards Intensives. Students must provide their own lunch (if relevant) and transportation. Since ample opportunities and time and help are offered within the trimester to meet the standards, eligible students who did not earn a “HOWL” of 3, will have to pay to participate: $25 per course. (Free or reduced lunch students will pay $5 per course.)


In a spring 2013 district survey, 100% of CBHS faculty agreed with the statement: “My school fosters an environment where every child can succeed.”


Social Work/Counseling Services

Sarah Furman is our school social worker. Students also have access to Health Affiliates Social Worker Karen Potenziano by appointment. Michael Hale and Stephanie Doyle are our guidance counselors. They are available daily for college, school and career counseling. 


Health Services and Procedures

We share a full-time nurse, Becky Bell, with PATHS. We also have a health clinic on site that will provide CBHS students – who have parent permission and a nurse referral - access to dental, medical, and psychiatric services. Interested students should contact Ms. Bell for a referral.


Whenever possible, the schedule of medication administration should be arranged to allow a student to receive all medication -  prescribed and otherwise - at home. If, under exceptional circumstances, it is necessary for a student to take medication during school hours, and the parent cannot be at school to administer the medication, the nurse or Administrative Assistant Deb Kierstead will supervise self-administering of the medicine – once the appropriate permission form has been completed. Students who arrive at school with prescription medication should turn it over to the school nurse as soon as possible.  Vision screening is conducted in grades 9 and 11.  Vision or hearing screenings may be conducted upon request.


Students who become ill during the school day should report to the nurse’s office. No student should be dismissed as ill from school without first checking in with the nurse.  If it becomes necessary for a student to go home, a parent/guardian will be notified and regular dismissal procedures will be followed.  If a student leaves school without permission, the student will be given an unexcused absence for classes missed, and there will be disciplinary consequences. Accident reports are completed for injuries that occur on school grounds.  Parents/guardians will

be notified about any incident, the extent of the injury, and the treatment provided.


Students must have a physical examination every two years in order to participate in school sponsored athletic programs. Evidence of a physical exam must be signed by a health care provider and given to school staff before a student will be allowed to participate.


For more details on the School Board's related student services policies, please go to the “policy” link at the district website ( and view the following: Student Bus Code – Discipline Process (JICC-R), Student Transportation Services (EEA), Student Searches (JIH) and Administration of Medication to Students (JLCD, JLCD-E1, E2)


 “Fantastic students solving problems in a supportive learning community with adults who respect all learners=CBHS!!!”

~ Maine Commissioner of Education Robert Hasson, December 2016