Student Code of Conduct

CBHS believes that our Code of Conduct must be widely understood and supported by the greater school community. The Code of Conduct is grounded in three components of the Pathways to Success: Build Community, Be Accountable and Work Ethically. Positive behavior is defined here as any behavior that promotes constructive learning or contributes to these Pathways. Negative behavior means any behavior that either distracts from learning and/or does some harm to our community or individual members of the community. The following precepts are essential in ensuring that all students feel welcome, safe and supported in their learning.

  • Students are responsible for their actions.
  • Students respect the rights of others to attend a safe and orderly school.
  • Students understand the consequences of negative behavior.
  • Parents play a primary role in making a school behavior system successful.
  • All students can learn and practice skills essential to self-discipline and positive behavior.


We dropped into wholesome Casco Bay High School... where hugs abound and everyone is a friend.... [W]hat seems to have the most impact on students is the interdependence of the school community.”   ~ Humanly Magazine, 2016


For more detailed rules, policies and guidelines, please see the "Students Rights and Responsibilities and "In-School Policies" section of our Family Handbook.
2018-2019 CBHS Family Handbook