Prospective Students

February 26, 2021 Update

Thanks for your interest in Casco Bay High School! The principal and guidance counselors are happy to meet or talk by phone with prospective students and families. Just give us a call (874-8160) or e-mail ( The section below may answer some questions about the process for admission to Casco Bay.

For Current 8th Grade Families: Lottery for Spots in the Class of 2025

Thank you so much for your interest in Casco Bay High School. On February 25th, 2021 we held a lottery that included 190 in-district students for 97 spots in our freshman class. We are offering spots to 115 students at this time, recognizing from past history that some students in the lottery are undecided about their high school choice and will ultimately choose to attend elsewhere. Several CBHS staff members assisted the principal in the lottery proceedings. We carefully followed the established lottery protocol in an effort to have a process that was fair and transparent. We used a random number generator to determine the initial order, and the process was completed without us viewing any students' names (only student ID numbers and relevant demographics) to help ensure there was no unintentional bias.

The result of the lottery for spots in the Class of 2025 are here.

For Students Who’ve Been Offered a Spot

Welcome! There is nothing additional you need to do confirm your spot. If you decide to attend another high school, please let us know promptly as we do have a sizable wait list of students for the Class of 2025; if you choose to relinquish your spot, an eighth-grader's parent or guardian should please phone or e-mail Casco Bay High School directly. Otherwise, we look forward to having you as a member of our crew when we launch our four-year learning expedition next September. Watch for a mailing with additional information within the next week.

For Students on the Waitlist

Thanks for your interest in CBHS. We regret any anxiety or disappointment the waitlist may cause. Please know that all commitment forms received before the lottery were viewed equally. Your spot on the waitlist is a reflection of our particular process and chance. It has nothing to do with your merits or what you might contribute to Casco Bay.


We are grateful that all Portland residents have three great options for public high school within Portland Public Schools (four, including PATHS). Your spot on our waitlist is held indefinitely, unless you tell us you would like your name removed. Based on experience in previous years, we anticipate that some students will be admitted off the CBHS waitlist between now and the start of school. Last year, we were able to offer spots before September to students with waitlist numbers in the mid-20s, but each year can vary.  Please know that for us, whether a student is admitted today or in September, there is no difference in the services or courses this student would receive. We also have students who are admitted from the waitlist in their sophomore or junior years; we update the waitlist annually. If you are no longer interested in a spot at Casco Bay and would like your name removed from the waitlist, please let us know.


A student's waitlist number will change over time and can only improve. If a spot opens up, we will notify that family as soon as possible. More details on these procedures will be mailed to you within the week. If a student or family would like an update on their position, feel free to contact the CBHS registrar, Hermance Kouame ( at any time. Feel free to also contact Principal Derek Pierce with any questions or concerns: Thanks again.

For Current 9th-12th students Interested in Transferring to Casco Bay
If you are a current 9th-11th grader and are interested in a future spot at Casco Bay, please complete and return this transfer request form, for a spot for the fall 2021: CBHS Transfer Form 2021-22

We are currently fully enrolled. As of 11/24/20, there is a waitlist of 49 for a spot in the Class of 2024 and 43 for a spot in the Class of 2023. The current junior and senior classes have short waitlists. Circumstances can change frequently (eg: families move), so openings may exist immediately. 

Please feel free to call CBHS at any time to get a more precise sense of your student's standing and/or chances for admission.  A student's number on the waitlist can only improve, and a student may stay on the waitlist as long as they choose, even spanning multiple academic years. When in doubt, please inquire for more information or submit a transfer request form.  

Typically, if you would like to spend a day visiting Casco Bay High School, you would return the CBHS Shadow Form. During the pandemic, this is not possible. However, please contact Principal Derek Pierce ( if you would like to set up a phone call or zoom call to learn more.

Review of 8th Grade Process

We held our 8th Grade Family Night (over zoom) on December 15th. Here's a recording of the event.

And here's a link to our January 22nd, 2021 webinar for PPS 8th Graders.

If you are a current 8th grader and are interested in a spot at CBHS for the fall of 2021, please complete and return this form
. Please submit this CBHS form to Hermance Kouame ( Forms received after the 2021 lottery (February 25, 2021) will be added to the end of the Class of 2025 waitlist in the order in which they are received. 

2020-21 8th Grade Timeline
1) CBHS Open House for 8th Grade Families - December 15th
2) 8th Grade Visit Days for PPS Middle Schools* - January 19, 21st and 22nd (2021)
3) Lottery Commitment Form Due - February 12th (2021)
4) Lottery Held (if Necessary**) - By March 1st
5) Deadline to Commit to Casco Bay, Deering or Portland - March 5th

**All lottery forms are viewed equally as long as they are received before or on the February deadline. In the event that more than 97 students are interested in spot in CBHS's incoming 9th grade, a lottery will be held. A copy of the current lottery and waitlist policy is here.
If any prospective student or parent would like to meet to learn more about CBHS, please just give us a call or e-mail.

Typically between 70% and 90% of 8th grade students who turn in a commitment form by the deadline are offered a spot at CBHS before September.