Volunteer Opportunities

Parent volunteers both enrich the life of our school and provide vital support for our programming. We appreciate any time you spend supporting our school. Please note that classroom volunteers must complete the Portland Public Schools' volunteer screening process.

f you would like to volunteer on a regular basis for Portland Public Schools, please complete the online application here.

If you would like to get involved in CBHS, please let us know how through this Parent Involvement Survey.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved!

The Parent Advisory Group (PAG) meets monthly with the principal and is open to any interested parent. The purposes of the Parent Advisory Group are:

  • To advise the principal on select issues.

  • To facilitate communication between the school and the parent body (and the broader community).

  • To promote parent involvement at Casco Bay High School.

  • To lead efforts to appreciate CBHS staff.

  • To provide feedback on governance proposals.

  • To assist with fundraising and securing resources that will improve teaching and learning.

  • To support one another as parents of teens.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday or Thursday of the month from 5:30-7:00pm. Please contact Principal Derek Pierce for more information.

Professional Services/Expertise: Oftentimes, a parent’s special skill, expertise, experience, hobby, etc., can be brought into the classroom or contribute to an expedition. Examples of classroom contributions include a nurse’s aide providing feedback on a student's health care presentation, an artist teaching animation skills, an immigrant discussing their native culture or a war veteran discussing his or her experience. Please contact Deb Kierstead or Derek Pierce if you have a service or expertise that you would be willing to share.

Crew Parent: Each crew has a designated parent who works with the crew advisor to contact or organize the crew families when appropriate. Contact your child's advisor for details. Additionally, parents are sometimes asked to support events by providing food, drink, or related supplies.   

Fieldwork Chaperones: We are often in special need of help on fieldwork days. If you are able to volunteer, please contact your child’s relevant teacher or crew leader. 

Tutoring Help: If you would like to help out in the classroom or library, or if you could volunteer as a tutor, please contact Derek Pierce. 

School Projects: Parents at our school may lead or help with volunteer projects ranging from manual labor to school governance. Two years ago, several parents initiated and led our efforts to design a new school logo. Parent contribution is key to our school’s success. Please contact Principal Derek Pierce if you are interested in learning or sharing more.