Parent News 3-20-17
CBHS Parent News 3-20-17
Headline News  
Winter Trimester grades are posted and students received written reports in crew on Friday.

Thanks to your efforts we have the hightest rate of  parent survey returns in the district. There’s still time to add your voice.

The 9th grade expedition kicks-off Monday. 9th Grade (only) will have a special schedule. They will run BK 1-3 till 11:30 and be all “walls down” for kick-off in the PM.

Grade 11 will be in documentary field work all day downtown on Monday.

Tonight - 6pm – City Council Hearing on the Capital Improvement Plan for 2017-18. There will be an opportunity for public input on issues including whether or not to fund a “Greater Great Space” for CBHS.

Wed - Junior Journey Fundraiser, Dinner and a Movie
We will start the evening with a one hour version of last year's Detroit documentary and then have a pasta supper.  How can the members of CBHS help us?  Please donate pasta, sauce, meatballs, cheese, etc.  The more that is donated the more we can hope to make on the event.  See Ms Teller with donations.  We hope to see many of you at the event.  Thanks!
Wednesday March 22nd 5:30-7:30
First Parish Church, 425 Congress Street, Portland
$10 suggested donation

Friday is an 11:30 dismissal day - except for PM PATHS students who are dismissed at the regular time.

Eligible students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the chance to meet remaining standards and earn T2 credit through Mud School this Friday (12 to 3pm). Applications and more information is available outside my office.

Parent Request of the Week:
That PAG is working on a teacher appreciation project and looking to gather appreciations  from CBHS students or/and parents for each CBHS teacher and staff member.  Please email any note of thanks, appreciation or gratitude to ( Please make sure to include the CBHS staff member’s name d whether you would like to be named or be anonymous.)

Reminder: This spring we will be running an intensive designed around entrepreneurship and cardboard boats with the goal of supporting the 2017 Casco Bay Quests (our 10th annual!).  Students in the intensive will be pitching the idea of a business sponsoring a crew's cardboard boat in order to help Casco Bay raise money toward the cost of the 2017 Casco Bay Quests.  We are looking for businesses or organizations that might be willing to have a small group of CBHS students pitch this sponsorship idea to them the week of April 10th (for 15 to 30 minutes). Help our future entrepreneurs. Help sustain the Quests. Thanks in advance for any connections you may be able to provide!  Please share ideas and contacts with
Nancy Hagstrom ( and Stephanie Doyle (

Upcoming Key Dates:
3/30 – Acad (12) – Pre-Intensives Meeting
3/30 – Math Cup
3/31 – Shared Space Cafe - Babysitters are needed for our Shared Space Cafe on March 31st – 5:30-7:30. See Mr. Pierce if you are interested. (Dinner included.)
4/3 – MHSA Science (11)
4/5 – Junior SATs
4/5 – Podcast Culmination – Grade 10
4/6 – JJ Variety Show
4/7 – Intensives Begin!
4/9 – JJ leaves!
4/13 – Intensives Showcase Assembly
4/15 – Junior Journey Returns

 Select Student Announcements
Crew Advisors: Check in with your crew facilitator to review and customize as necessary the plan for Tuesday’s Courageous Conversation (about Mental Health Awareness).

EL Education is making a short video about student voice and the CBHS response to the hate crime. A two-person film crew will be for several days this week. If you have any photos or video from the Walk of Solidarity, please see Mr. Pierce this week.

This week we will be switching freshman and sophomore exceeds reading. Freshmen will meet Tues. Acad and Sophomores will meet Thurs.

Come support junior journey by coming to the variety show on April 6, from 5-7 pm  Show off your amazing talents! This includes you too teachers! If you want to share a talent, sign up on the Sign Up Board.  Come support junior journey! Can’t wait to see you there. Rehearsals will take place during Acad and BK 7 on March 23rd.  See  a member of Haar Crew FMI.

Two more spots are available for teams to compete at the Math Cup on Thursday, March 30th! Get three friends together and sign up on the sign up board.

9th-11th Graders: 2 CBHS underclassmen will once again be able to participate in an Outward Bound course this summer for free! (They are usually several thousand dollars each.) Interested students must complete an application by THIS FRIDAY March 24th.  See Mr. Shibles FMI.  

Students who took the Swim Intensive this year:  Please see Ms. Bell for your CPR cards.

Seniors: You will be getting a flurry of admissions decisions over the next several weeks. Please keep your crew advisor and school recommender informed. Please also update Naviance with outcomes. And, most importantly, continue to support one another.  Also the April 1st deadline for the online application is quickly approaching for the Mitchell Scholarship,

 Monday – 12-2:30 – Grade 9 Kick-off (Great Space)

Tuesday – Adjusted Schedule for Cour. Conv
Crew- Courageous Conversation- 10:58-11:38
12:00 – Yale Rep visits
Acad – 12:11-51 (Juniors do course sign ups)

Tues: Exceeds reading will host Dinner and a Movie 5:30-7:30. We will screen Dorian Gray in the library, any exceeds readers (past or present) are welcome!
Wednesday – Acad Lang 3 to USM (all day)
School Meeting: Koharian Crew  (Craft Excellence and Beauty) (On Deck: Natarajan – 3/29, Work Ethically)
5:30-7:30 – Junior Journey Dinner and a Movie at First Parish Church
Thursday – Island Institute Visits
Come get a treat and support Literary Magazine. We will again be selling sweets in the 2nd floor hallway. $1 for 2 cookies or a brownie. 

If there are no more snow days, the last student day will be Thursday, June 22nd.
Summer: Global Leadership Adventure operates summer volunteer programs for high school students with a focus on service, leadership and cultural exploration in Africa, Asia, Central & South America and Europe.  We are hosting a GLA open house on Wednesday, March 22nd at 6:30pm to share our experience with other families.  If interested, go to or contact me at