Intensives are mini-expeditions: one week, elective courses that occur once in winter and once in spring. Students choose among about fifteen course offerings and engage in in-depth study, all day (8:00am-2:30pm) for five days. Current and past Intensive courses include:

- Aerial Silks                                          - Personal Finance
- Black Holes                                        - Philosophy of Love
- Boat-Building                                     - Play writing
- Film making                                       - Pottery    
- Flash Animation                                 - Robotic Sculpture
- Fractal Geometry                               - Rocketry
- Guitar-Making                                    - Snowshoeing
- International Dance                           - Songwriting 
- Journalism

I'm extremely impressed with Casco Bay High School. Your innovative programs and enthusiastic students are making a difference.”
~ Joe Foley, Senior Vice President, UNUM 

Sign-ups for this year’s Winter Intensives will take place in October. Each intensive will be worth .5 UPs. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may propose Independent Intensives. See Mr. Shibles for details.  Intensives offerings will be finalized with students and staff during the school year, and both intensive slates will include at least one offering within the following subject areas:  the visual arts, the performing arts, the humanities, fitness, math & science, and the natural world.  In recent years, several Spring Intensives have been co-led by seniors and staff as a culmination for senior expeditions. Grades in intensives count towards GPA, but, because of their timing, they do not impact Honor Roll.