CBHS Parent Newsflash 1-25-21
CBHS Parent Newsflash 1-25-21

Headline News

The final NHS induction ceremony for the Class of 2021 will take place this Tuesday at 6pm. Link is hereMeeting ID: 824 1217 5243  & Passcode: 6261Tb

Mid-Year Conferences are next week, Wednesday, February 3rd (4pm to 8pm)  and Thursday the 4th (3:30-6:30pm).  Please connect with your child’s crew advisor to sign up for a specific time. Submit your crucial question(s) for conferences here

Thanks to everyone who came out to last week’s Family Crew Night. For those who missed it, we hope to be sharing a video of the webinar soon.


Thanks to the parent group that has been supporting our families who've requested help and assistance when one or more family members test positive for COVID 19. This help can range from food deliveries to support in completing necessary errands while quarantining. If you would like to be a part of the PAG Cares group, please contact Andy or Shay at chair@cbhsfamily.org


Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the 1/17/21 Possip check in. We've now heard from nearly 250 of you, and once again over 90% (93%) reported being happy or mostly happy with CBHS that week. Some parents expressed understandable concerns about their children's mental health and the need for more peer social interaction and time at school. The predominant theme was again praise for teachers. Thanks so much!

Here are the minutes from our January PAG meeting

Here’s an interesting recent New York Times article about college’s increasing use of merit aid based on high school grades

Student Announcements for the Week are here

Hannaford Card: Earning $ for CBHS by Shopping at Hannaford (and paying nothing extra)

Friends of CBHS, 

 The next reload/new card order will be Monday, February 1st. 

 Here's how it goes:

 1. Email the amount you want reloaded and indicate the last 3 digits of your card or if you need a new card to fundraiser@cbhsfamily.org

(Each card can only have up to $500 on it. If you need more than $500, order more cards!)

 *If you are ordering a new card, be sure to send me your mailing address. Cards will be mailed out on the when I have received your funds and the reload is complete.

 2. Send me a check made out to "CBHS-PAG" at 

        Ellen Wills

        22 Northwood Drive

        Portland, ME 04103


 Venmo me at Ellen Wills (Ellen-Wills-1, the picture is of me in front of a Christmas tree) with a note as to your card number.


3. I will send an email out to the group when the funds have been loaded and the new cards are mailed.

Remember a single card cannot have over a $500 balance.  If you are not sure what your balance is, you can check the balance prior to reloading at https://hannaford.cashstar.com/recipient-experience/balance/. You will need the pin number under the gray sticker on the back of the card to check it.

 Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think may be interested in participating.

Let me know if you have any questions!

 Thank you for supporting CBHS,


Reminder: Help Wanted

We are looking for parents and community members to help out as panelists for our public policy presentations (via zoome) on Feb 25 and 26. Panelists will ask questions and give feedback to our junior presenters. If you have some interest or expertise in one or more of the topics below (or can recommend someone who does), please contact me or Steph Doane at doanes@portlandschools.org. Thanks!

gun control

criminal justice reform

death penalty

health care reform

comprehensive women's healthcare

mental healthcare access

decriminalization of drug use


social media regulation

minimum wage

student debt

pesticide regulation

solar energy promotion

invasive species control

waste management



February 3rd and 4th - Midyear Conferences

February 5th - Casco Bay’s Got Talent

February 11th - Junior College Night (6pm)

February 12th - Deadline for 8th Grade Commitment Forms

February 13th - Winter Break Begins