CBHS Parent Newsflash 5-26-20
CBHS Parent Newsflash 5-26-20

Headline News
Today and tomorrow (Wed) are the last two days of Class of 2020 FInal Words.  Schedule and links are here
Grade 9 culminates Question of Conscience today. 
This is the last week of regular classes. All students (9-11) will have an hour of crew next week for year-end passages (Freshman Finale, Sophomore Passage and the new Junior Passage). All students who have not yet met standards for the year will have (free) Sun School. The schedule for June 1st-12th is  here. 
The entire community is invited to celebrate the Class of 2020 at the Senior Awards Assembly this Friday from 11:20-12:30. The event will be preceded by a Learning Area Award event for the Class of 2020 and their families at 9am, also on Friday. Links for both events are here.  
A Family of ME is looking for more foster parents. Details attached. 
Select Student Announcements

Thanks to everyone for sharing their best thinking during last week’s Courageous Conversation. The notes generated from the discussion by your crew advisors have been shared with the district team planning next fall’s re-opening as well as Cabinet and the CBHS faculty. Here are some representative notes: 

“It's been hard because we are worried about people and it is hard to think about yourself when there are people sick and you feel powerless.”

“We are learning more ways to be and work by ourselves, and hopefully some of us are working towards better mental health coping mechanisms.”

“We are worried that it will be hard to adapt back to normal schedule and that we will always be afraid even when we are back to normal schedule.”

“We will appreciate school more and going back to what we are used to will feel more effective”

“We all agree that school is more difficult… more distracting at home, harder to get help when confused.”

“Human interaction is very important to our learning and our entire well being. CBHS offers a lot of options for making-up work/credit and that's super helpful during this time.”

“Used to "hate" school OR complained A LOT and now I can't wait to go back!”

 "I have learned it's ok to struggle sometimes. And I can reach out to others and get help."

"I appreciate the teachers more. I will appreciate them more because of I have seen them working so hard to connect with us."

"Life is too short not to do anything. This has helped me realize I should enjoy every moment. This has taught me to show my care and appreciation at every moment."


Today’s Schedule - A Day (even though it’s Tuesday)

9am-9:25- Virtual Crew

9:30-10:45 - BK 1  (Final Word Session #11)

10:45-11:15 - Lunch

11:20-12:15 - Flex Time

12:20-1:35 - BK 2

1:40-3:00 - BK 3 (Final Word Session #12, Question of Conscience Culmination)

3:00-3:30 - “Screen Free at 3”/Personal Wellness Block

We are looking for students in grades 9-12 who would be willing to tutor peers during Sun School. Sign up here


The Final Quarantainment Challenge: 

The 2020 Cardboard Boat Race: the Remote Regatta! Check out the details here


Sun School: If you have Not Yet met standards by Friday in any classes, you will have the opportunity to do so, for free, during Sun School, June 1st-June 12th. You are required to attend until standards are met. If you had a 2 or 2+ or INC in a T1 or T2 course, you can have the (free and final) opportunity to recoup some UPs in those courses as well if you make a feasible plan and complete a contract with your crew advisor by Thursday June 4th. Since there is no typical PPS Summer School this year, especially for 9th and 10th graders, this is the only and last opportunity you will have to regain credit from the year, so meet with your crew advisor and make a plan! And do whatever work you can ahead of time. Watch for more details from your crew advisor and teachers . 

Only 2 more days of Final Words!

The official Final Word Schedule is here (although subject to change); it’s also linked on the CBHS homepage.  The schedule includes the zoom links for every session, one each AM and one each PM for the next 7 school days. 

  • 9th grade will watch 5 Class of 2020 Final Words through Crew.

  • 10th and 11th graders are each required to go watch at least 3 Class of 2020 final words, on their own time, as long as it does not conflict with synchronous class meetings. 

9-11 students may attend more Final Words than listed above, as long as it does not conflict with synchronous class meetings.


  • Last chance to Move On Up!  Videos must by submitted to Mr. Hale by NOON TODAY

  • The Class of 2020 Support Council will meet with Mr. Shibles and Mr. Pierce at 11am today.

  • One last google form: give your input on the Class Gift Mural. See your e-mail.


Wednesday - B Day (special schedule with classes, not office hours)

9am Crew

FW Session 13: 9:30-10:45

Lunch/Flex - 10:45-11:55

BK 5 - 11:55-1:10

Bk 6/FW Session 14: 1:15-2:30pm


Thursday -  Final A Day 


Friday - May 29th - Adjusted Schedule - Last Day of Classes/Final B Day

9am-9:30- Virtual Crew (9-11)/Senior Learning Area Awards

9:35-10:45- BK 4

10:45-11:15 - Lunch

11:20-12:30 - Flex Time/Senior Awards Assembly 

The whole school is invited to the Senior Awards Assembly webinar to celebrate the Class of 2020. You can find the link on the CBHS website homepage.

12:35-1:45 - BK 5

1:50-3:00 - BK 6

3:00-3:30 - “Screen Free at 3”/Personal Wellness Block



June 1st - Sun School Begins

June 4th - Senior Day

June 9th - Seal of Biliteracy Ceremony (4 to 5pm)

June 10th - Cardboard Boat Race 2020: Remote Regatta

June 11th - Grade Level Awards

June 12th - Last Day of School


If you need a mask for you or your family, please contact Mr. Pierce. We have a few homemade masks available. 


9-11 students will be able to keep their chromebooks over the summer. These students should turn them in, however, if they need to get them fixed before the fall. More details soon. 


9th-11th: If you are interested in taking a USM or SMCC course next fall, get the details here. 


Sophomores and Juniors: Are you interested in taking any of the following AP courses online next fall? US Government, Biology, Calculus BC, Computer Science, Music Theory, Statistics, Psychology, Art History, World History, Macroeconomics, Spanish, Physics or European History. Contact Mr. Hale or Ms Doyle FMI.

You can follow the link below and click on the drop down menu labeled AP4ME to register:

Tech Support Schedule and Process

Students with broken chromebooks or chargers, or who need a district hot spot, please complete this brief google form here. (Crew Advisors: if you are aware of an advisee having an issue, you may also submit a form.) This link is also on the CBHS homepage.

Devices can be exchanged and hot spots can be picked up on the following days and times:

Tuesdays   10am - noon: Portland HS  

Thursdays 10am - noon: Deering HS 

But please know, you can’t just show up. You have to complete the tech issue google form at least a day before and connect with our registrar, Ms Leberman ( for further instructions.

If you can’t make it to either of these spots or times, please phone Mr. Pierce 653-6792, and a CBHS staff member can make a delivery to your home.


Use the PPS HelpDesk phone line and email to get answers to questions and concerns on any issue during the shutdown. The phone number is: 207-874-8159. That HelpDesk phone line has access to different languages. You can also send us an email in your primary language at