World Languages

World Languages

All world language courses at CBHS introduce the student to both the target language and target cultures as they relate to Portland, Maine and the world. Students are expected to use the target language in their classroom interactions, and interpersonal communication is a major focus. Vocabulary and grammar concepts are introduced in context and linked to real life situations. World language courses will focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing while students gain an appreciation for the power of language as a catalyst for making connections to other people. In addition to the course listings below, through a partnership with USM and the Confucius Institute, we are able to offer Introductory Chinese and Chinese Two for the 2014-5 school year.


Spanish One and French One

Level one language courses focus on building the foundational skills necessary to become effective communicators in the target languages.  Students will be immersed in thematic units structured around concepts of family, self, work, school, and culturally relevant stories and holidays.  Students will be expected to use memorized words and phrases to communicate to peers and teachers in the target language in the present tense.  Both Spanish One and French One are two-credit courses. (French One will not be offered in 2014-2015 due to low enrollment.)


Spanish Two and French Two

Level two language will build on the skills achieved in level one in order to further the communication skills, especially speaking skills, of language learners. Students will become proficient in the past and future tenses, be able to initiate a conversation, ask questions, and provide answers to both peers, teachers, and native speakers using simple sentences.  Both Spanish Two and French Two are two-credit courses.


Spanish Three/Four/Five and French Three/Four

Upper level language courses will focus on refining and practicing communication skills gained in previous language experiences and courses.  Levels three and four are structured around a language expedition, providing students with an opportunity to engage in the target language in a real-world setting and champion or oppose a current issue.  Through the preparation for, execution, and completion of the expedition, students will read authentic texts, speak with native speakers, write first person narratives and persuasive essays as well as hone various language skills in order to practice proficiency in the target language.  Spanish Five will focus heavily on using literature from the Spanish speaking world in order to discuss a variety of topics relevant to the lives of students and our society.