Casco Bay High School is proud of our global community and follows an inclusive model of education for our multilingual learners. Our ELL staff provide multilingual students with additional, substantive support within mainstream classes. In addition to our Academic Language courses, we offer our ELL students the possibility of a supported study as well as the extended day learning and mentoring opportunities of the "Make It Happen!" program. Seniors in ELL Supported Study will also receive targeted support in the college process and general college readiness. For English language learners who either lack foundational content-area knowledge or who score between a 1-2 in the literacy composite of the ACCESS test, core academic teachers will provide alternate coursework and assessments, aligned to students’ existing background knowledge and language level. These students will strive to meet appropriately modified standards and the successful student will receive elective credit. The modified course will be noted on transcripts with an altered title (e.g.: Language and Concepts of Biology).

Academic Language One, Academic Language Two, and Academic Language Three
The Academic Language courses are designed to develop the literacy skills and academic English needed to succeed in content area classes, with particular emphasis placed on the key academic language and background knowledge integral to grade-level expeditions. Academic Language One focuses on supporting Humanities One and other freshman courses, while Academic Language Two supports the sophomore curriculum. Academic Language Three is designed to support junior courses and expeditions as well as increasing students’ college knowledge. Academic Language One, Two and Three are yearlong courses worth two UPs (units of proficiency).