Prospective Students

Summer 2017 Update (8/1/17)

Thanks for your interest in Casco Bay High School! The principal and guidance counselors are happy to meet or talk by phone with prospective students and families. The section below may answer some questions about the process for admission to Casco Bay.

For students interested in transferring to Casco Bay for the fall of 2018:
If you are a rising 9th-12th grader and are interested in a future spot at Casco Bay, please complete and return this transfer request form: CBHS Transfer Form 2017-2018

As of 8/1/17, the length of the waitlist for Portland residents for a spot in each grade is listed below:
Grade 9 (Class of 2021) - 18
Grade 10 (Class of 2020) - 10
Grade 11 (Class of 2019) - 22
Grade 12 (Class of 2018) - 0

Please feel free to call CBHS at any time to get a more precise sense of your student's standing and/or chances for admissions.  A student's number on the waitlist can only improve, and a student may stay on the waitlist as long as they choose, even spanning multiple academic years. When in doubt, please inquire for more information or submit a transfer request form.  Your chances of admission off the waitlist may be better than you think. Circumstances change on a daily basis, especially in the weeks before school. 

The Lottery for the Class of 2021

On Thursday, March 2nd 2017 we held a lottery that included 153 in-district students. Several CBHS staff members assisted with the proceedings. We carefully followed the established protocol in an effort to have a process that was fair and transparent. We used a random number generator to determine the initial order, and the process was completed without us viewing any students names (only student ID numbers and relevant demographics) to help ensure there was no unintentional bias. We aim to be a great small school for any Portland teen, so we want to have a student body that reflects Portland’s wonderful diversity. Our lottery process strives to promote that as best we can within the parameters of the law. Specifically, our lottery process strives to ensure that we are demographically representative of Portland in terms of the three categories that impact school staffing and funding: students who receive free or reduced lunch, students who receive special education services and students who are considered “English Language Learners.” Our lottery process also guarantees a spot to siblings of current 9th-11th grade students because we want to cultivate deep connections with families that are interested in having their high school-aged children attend the same school. The results of the lottery are here, published by students’ PPS ID numbers. Out of district students were assigned a number by our registrar. Let us know if you are not sure what your number is.

Class of 2021 Lottery Results By Student Number

For Students Who Have Been Offered a Spot in Class of 2021

Welcome! You will be receiving an official letter and additional information about courses soon. There will also be several events to help with the transition from middle school to high school this spring and summer, including an Orientation and “Family Crew Night” on Thursday, May 25th (from 5:30-8:00pm). More details will be forthcoming, but please save this date. Parents and guardians of students in the Class of 2021 are invited to get involved even sooner. Our Parent Advisory Group meets monthly and is open to any CBHS parent. This group advises the principal, promotes parent involvement and helps with securing resources that will improve teaching and learning. Our next meetings are Tuesday, March 7th and Tuesday, April 4th from 5:30-7:00 (in CBHS Rm. “Somalia”). Students and parents can keep informed by reading our periodic newsletters which you will now begin to receive. Parents, if possible, please send us your e-mail address (to, so you can join the Class of 2021 e-mail group and receive more timely and frequent communications (and we can save on time and money).


Good luck with the rest of your eighth grade year. In order to confirm your spot at Casco Bay High School, please return the “Letter of Commitment for High School Choice” to your middle school guidance counselor – or directly to CBHS – as soon as possible, but no later than March 10th.

2017-2018 PPS HS Commitment Form

If you decide to attend another high school, please let us know promptly as we do have a substantial wait list of students for the Class of 2021; if this is the case, an eighth-grader's parent or guardian should please phone or e-mail Casco Bay High School directly. Otherwise, we look forward to having you as a member of our crew when we launch our four-year learning expedition next September. We have had a remarkably successful first dozen years, but we know our school is only going to get better – because of you.

For Students on the Waitlist for the Class of 2021

Thanks for your interest in Casco Bay High School. You will be receiving a letter soon with more particulars about the waitlist process and your spot on the waitlist. We are sorry we can not offer you a spot at this time.

Please know that all commitment forms received before the lottery were viewed equally. Your spot on the wait list is a reflection of our particular process and chance. It has nothing to do with your merits or what you might contribute to Casco Bay.

We are grateful that all Portland residents have three great options for public high school within Portland Public Schools (four, including PATHS). Your spot on our wait list is held indefinitely, unless you tell us you would like your name removed. As you know, students do not have to officially turn in the “Letter of Commitment for High School Choice” until March 10th. This year, for the first time, we are initially offering spots to more students than we have in the past – 115 – knowing that historically a cohort of students who are offered a spot in the lottery choose to attend another high school. Still we anticipate that some students will be admitted off the wait list between now and the start of school. If your contact information changes over the summer from what is in Infinite Campus, please let us know. The lower your waitlist number, the better your chances. We also have students who are admitted from the wait list in their sophomore or junior years; we update the wait list annually. Please know that for us, whether a student is admitted today or in September, there is no difference in the services or courses this student would receive. Still, if you are no longer interested in a spot at Casco Bay and would like your name removed from the wait list, please let us know.

If a student or family would like an update on their position, feel free to contact the CBHS registrar, Linda Pinard, or Principal Derek Pierce at any time.

Please contact us if you would like further clarification. We regret any anxiety or disappointment the wait list may cause. Thank you again for your interest in Casco Bay, and good luck with the rest of your eighth grade year.

9th Grade Admissions:

If you would like to join us as a 9th grader next fall, here is the process we used this year...

• On December 8th (6:30-8:30pm), CBHS held its Open House for 8th grade parents and families; here's the flyer: 8th Grade Parents' Night Flyer 12-8-16

If you can't make our Open House, but would like to meet or get a tour, just give us a call.

• During the week of January 30th 2017, all PPS 8th graders experienced a 2 hour immersion program at Casco Bay, Deering and Portland high schools. 
• If you are an 8th grader who is interested in CBHS but who does not attend a PPS middle school, then you are encouraged to set up a "shadow day" to visit. Shadow days begin in November. You can set one up by completing and returning this form: Student Shadow Form 2016-17

Following the school shadow days in late January, PPS 8th graders still undecided about their school choice may set up a visit day by completing and returning the following form: Student Shadow Form 2016-17

By no later than February 15 (2017), any student interested in a spot at Casco Bay turned in a CBHS Lottery Form. Here it is: 2017-2018 CBHS Lottery Form
• At CBHS, we are limited to taking 97 incoming 9th graders. If more than 97 students are interested, then we will have a lottery within 2 weeks of the Lottery Form deadline. Details about our current lottery policy are below. This policy is subject to review each year.  Lottery Policy 2016-17

Following any CBHS lottery, 8th grade families will have to submit a Commitment Form indicating their final high school preference by March 10th, 2017.
It does not matter how far in advance of the deadline that Commitment Forms are received - as long as they are received by the deadline. ​If there are students on any waitlist and spots open up after March 10th, then a student on the waitlist will be offered the opening as soon as possible. Download a commitment form here:  2017-2018 PPS HS Commitment Form for Class of 2021

Over the last several years, among the cohort of students who turned in their commitment forms on time, between 80% and 90% of interested students were offered a spot in our freshmen class before September.